Dodgers Optimistic as Tyler Glasnow's Latest Injury Update Signals Recovery

Glasnow addresses recurring cramps with unique preventive measures.

by Nouman Rasool
Dodgers Optimistic as Tyler Glasnow's Latest Injury Update Signals Recovery
© Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Tyler Glasnow, the Los Angeles Dodgers' formidable starting pitcher, faced an unexpected setback during a recent clash with the Toronto Blue Jays, exiting the game prematurely due to hand cramps. This issue arose in the seventh inning, leading Glasnow to depart with a team trainer.

Despite the abrupt interruption, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts quickly dispelled any serious concerns regarding Glasnow's condition. The incident unfolded as Glasnow was delivering a commendable performance, having kept the Blue Jays scoreless over six innings with nine strikeouts under his belt.

His exit, prompted by the sudden onset of cramps a problem he admits has plagued him before did not deter the Dodgers from clinching a 4-2 victory.

Glasnow's Cramp Challenges

Speaking to Foul Territory about the recurrent issue, Glasnow shared his frustration and determination.

“I’ve had it happen before. I don’t know what it is," he explained, revealing that this susceptibility to cramps is a shared trait with his brother, also an athlete. To combat this, Glasnow has adopted specific preventative measures including rigorous hydration protocols and an unconventional yet effective remedy involving pickle juice.

Glasnow's approach to overcoming this challenge is pragmatic and focused. “It’s not like a concern or anything," he stated. "It’s annoying when you get to play once every six days and then I have to come out of the game the last inning.

I was pretty upset. Now going forward I know how to figure it out”. This resilience and proactive stance indicate that Glasnow is keen to adjust his regimen to ensure that such disruptions are minimized in future games.

His resolve underscores a determination to maintain peak performance without letting temporary setbacks hinder his progress or the team's success. As for his immediate future, Glasnow is not expected to miss any games, suggesting that the cramps are merely a minor hiccup in an otherwise stellar season.

With a clear plan in place to address and manage the cramps, both Glasnow and the Dodgers are optimistic about maintaining their strong form as they continue their campaign in the MLB season.