Logan Gilbert's Hilarious Pitching Face Goes Viral Among MLB Fans

Mariners pitcher Logan Gilbert's unexpected expression delights MLB fans

by Zain ul Abedin
Logan Gilbert's Hilarious Pitching Face Goes Viral Among MLB Fans
© Steph Chambers/Getty Images

There was more brilliance from ace Logan Gilbert on Sunday as he won very dominantly his second of the season against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Gilbert was dealing on the mound, where he held scoreless the opponent with an impressive nine strikeouts over just six innings of work.

But it was the funny face he was making while dealing his blazing fastballs that truly captured the attention of Major League Baseball enthusiasts across multiple social media platforms. Gilbert's twisted grimace at the point of releasing his pitches was caught in a video that went viral through the account of pitching guru Rob Friedman, with fans doubled over with laughter in real time, only adding to the funny element of an already extremely formidable mound presence.

Gilbert's Hilarious Pitch Face

It has now been clear in the video, where Gilbert clearly focuses and is determined to be set to deliver his next pitch. But it is the shocking facial reaction after delivering that raised some eyebrows, while leaving fans both amused and in awe.

Fans just could not help but marvel at how Gilbert was able to keep his poise and precision even as he successfully got onlookers laughing. Fan reaction lit up the Twitterverse, with fans unable to help but take it all in, showing just how much they appreciated the pitch face of Gilbert.

The online community took him up on it, further proving that's one reason why he truly is a fan favorite. Banter, memes, and more all funneled into the moment. It is definitely something on the field—although Gilbert can pitch but it is his sense of humor in the game that serves to punctuate his character and endear him to fans from far and wide.

Each electrifying performance has found Gilbert continuing to wow the audience with his combination of skill, determination, and good-natured humor. As Gilbert trots in from the bullpen, fans crave his every trip to the hill, not only for the talent he shows but also for the chance to see another moment that leaves them laughing with glee.

Whether he's sending batters down in succession with relative ease, or giving fans a chuckle while they take in the game, Logan Gilbert has turned out to be one of the brightest stars in all of baseball.