Fans Mock Aaron Hicks for Pitching in Angels' Blowout Loss to Twins

Unexpected pitching role ignites discussion among Angels fans.

by Nouman Rasool
Fans Mock Aaron Hicks for Pitching in Angels' Blowout Loss to Twins
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Aaron Hicks found himself in an unfamiliar role during the Los Angeles Angels' recent clash with the Minnesota Twins, stepping in as a makeshift closer in a game that quickly spiraled out of control for the Halos. The Angels were decisively beaten with a final score of 16-5, with Hicks's pitching stint becoming a focal point for both fans and critics alike.

Hicks, who joined the Angels on a one-year, league-minimum contract of $740,000 earlier in 2024, has had a rocky tenure in Major League Baseball. Following a challenging seven-year stretch with the New York Yankees and a brief period with the Baltimore Orioles, Hicks's performance has continued to stir debate.

Notoriously hovering around the Mendoza Line with a history of fielding errors, his transition from outfielder to emergency pitcher did little to bolster his credentials. The game against the Twins saw the Angels quickly fall behind, conceding four runs in the initial two innings and another six by the fourth.

As the game progressed to the ninth inning, with the score at 14-5 in favor of Minnesota, Hicks was called upon in an attempt to preserve the bullpen for upcoming games. However, his appearance on the mound only added to the team’s woes as he gave up a solo home run to Ryan Jeffers, sealing the final score at 16-5.

Hicks's Pitching Stirs Buzz

The decision to use Hicks as a pitcher sparked a flurry of reactions from baseball fans, ranging from amused to critical. Social media buzzed with comments such as, "Can’t believe he’s still posing as a baseball player," and "Dude's really out there like 'new position, who dis?' Lol." Others humorously suggested, "They should've tried to make him a pitcher a long time ago," while some saw a potential new career path for him, joking, "He should just become a pitcher now.

Extend that career, baby!" One optimistic fan even proclaimed him the "2024 AL CY Young winner." The Angels' disappointing start to the 2024 season continues a trend for the team, which hasn’t reached the playoffs since 2014 nor secured a winning record in the last eight years.

Now trailing five games behind the division-leading Seattle Mariners with a record of 10-17, the pressure is mounting. As the Angels wrap up their series against Minnesota, they face a challenging schedule with upcoming games against the in-form Philadelphia Phillies and Cleveland Guardians.

For the Angels and Hicks, the season is proving to be a test of resilience and adaptability. Whether this latest foray into pitching marks a one-off occurrence or the beginning of a more regular strategy remains to be seen, but it certainly has the baseball world talking.

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