Yankees to Withhold Extension Offer for $52M Star, Says Columnist

Yankees Face Decisions on Holmes' Future Amid Stellar Season.

by Nouman Rasool
Yankees to Withhold Extension Offer for $52M Star, Says Columnist
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Amid a standout season for the New York Yankees, closer Clay Holmes, tied with the San Diego Padres’ Robert Suarez for the major league's lead in saves at nine, faces an uncertain future with the team. Despite a flawless record of saves in all but one opportunity and maintaining a perfect 0.00 ERA with 12 strikeouts over 12 innings, the possibility of a contract extension remains bleak, according to insiders.

Tim Britton of The Athletic had speculated that Holmes, enjoying the zenith of his seven-season MLB career, could be a prime candidate for a lucrative four-year, $52 million extension if the Yankees opted to propose one.

However, Bob Klapsich, a seasoned MLB columnist for the Newark Star-Ledger, paints a different picture, noting the Yankees’ traditional reluctance towards early contract extensions. “This much is certain: Holmes won’t be hearing from the Yankees before season’s end,” Klapsich asserted.

“Very few players get early extensions; it’s club policy. Holmes shouldn’t take it personally”.

Yankees' Extension Hesitancy

The policy, underscored by principal owner Hal Steinbrenner’s 2010 declaration of a general disinterest in extensions, casts a long shadow.

Despite past decisions, such as the extension of former closer Aroldis Chapman in 2020 which the team may now view with some regret given his subsequent performance dip Klapsich remains skeptical about a long-term commitment to Holmes.

He suggests the Yankees might instead encourage Holmes to test his market value come season's end. Should Holmes enter free agency, he is unlikely to find himself short of options, given his current form. This scenario, however, would pose a significant challenge for the Yankees' bullpen stability.

Sara Molnick of Pinstripes Nation emphasized Holmes' critical role, “Clay Holmes, the Yankees’ dominant closer, could soon hit the open market, casting a cloud of uncertainty over the team’s bullpen situation in the looming offseason”.

While the front office remains non-committal, Holmes himself focuses on his immediate contributions to the team. In a recent interview with Brendan Kuty of The Athletic, Holmes expressed his dedication to the present, “I’ve got a lot of good relationships here with coaches and players, and I’m just enjoying that and enjoying where I’m at right now,” he said.

“When the day comes that I’m no longer a Yankee, we’ll think about where that goes. But this is where I’m at and I’m going to help us win as many games as I can”. As the season progresses, the Yankees may need to weigh the potential loss of Holmes against their historical contract policies, a decision that could reshape their bullpen and impact their competitive edge in upcoming seasons.