MLB's Oldest Living Player, Art Schallock, Celebrates 100th Birthday Milestone

Baseball veteran's journey from wartime hero to MLB legend

by Nouman Rasool
MLB's Oldest Living Player, Art Schallock, Celebrates 100th Birthday Milestone
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Art Schallock, who many say is the oldest living Major League Baseball player, turned 100 on Thursday and got salutes from fans and strangers alike. Schallock, with a great smile for someone seemingly his age, reminisced about his sojourn in the sport, littered with baseball legends and historic moments, when he was asked to take a trip down memory lane.

The seasoned baseball player whose name continues to reverberate in the hearts of baseball fans sharply entered the stadium in 1951, coming to the rescue of no other than the star player, Mickey Mantle, for the New York Yankees.

Recalling his season with the greats, Schallock relished the thought of being a roommate to the legendary Yogi Berra, whose strategic skills and personality endeared him to the former. "Yogi knew all the hitters, how to pitch to them," Schallock reflected on the valuable mentoring he received from Berra.

Schallock's Centennial: A Baseball Legacy

Before he ever set foot on a Major League Baseball field, Schallock fought in World War II with the United States Navy, where he was exemplary in showing both on and off the field, if this pun can be permitted.

After he returned from the service, Schallock was signed in 1947 by the Brooklyn Dodgers and he started a bright career in professional baseball. Schallock played for several prestigious ballclubs in his career, which includes the Montreal Royals and the Hollywood Stars.

His career took flight after adorning the classic pinstripes of the New York Yankees in 1951, moving on to several wins in the World Series from 1951 to 1953. Both off and on the field, Schallock's career would be that which was never to be forgotten, illustrating the greatest of the spirit and stamina of America's pastime.

In a career which spanned 58 Major League Baseball games, bedecked with three World Series rings, the centennial celebration of Schallock is symbolic of the longevity of baseball and the unbreakable spirit of the athletes that play it.

As the baseball world celebrates this remarkable milestone for Schallock, it draws inspiration that leads us to not forget the timeless appeal and great contribution this game has to the world.