MLB Broadcaster Points Out Issues with Aaron Judge's Batting Stance

Yankees face mounting pressure after recent defeat to Jays.

by Nouman Rasool
MLB Broadcaster Points Out Issues with Aaron Judge's Batting Stance
© Mike Stobe/Getty Images

As the New York Yankees progress through a challenging start to their season, all eyes are on their captain, Aaron Judge, whose early struggles have become a focal point for both fans and analysts alike. In recent games, Judge's performance at the plate has raised questions, as he appears to be grappling with pitches that previously fell within his command.

During a recent episode of "Talkin' Yanks," broadcaster Jake Storiale discussed Judge's difficulties, particularly against the slider pitches on the outside, comparing the repetitive targeting of this weakness by opponents to a glitch in an old video game.

Storiale expressed concern over Judge's current stance and proximity to home plate, suggesting a potential misjudgment of his spatial awareness in the batter's box. "It was a big focus for him in past off-seasons to handle those outside sliders," Storiale noted, "but now, it seems he's lost that touch, swinging at pitches, including fastballs, that he typically would avoid." This season, Judge's statistics reflect his struggles, with a batting average of just .183 and an OPS of .674 over 82 at-bats.

His output includes only 15 hits, five doubles, and three home runs, figures that fall short of expectations for the former AL MVP.

Judge Unfazed by Boos

The recent 2-0 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays only intensified the scrutiny, as disappointed fans expressed their frustrations with audible boos at Yankee Stadium—unusual treatment for a player of Judge's caliber.

Despite this, Judge remains undeterred, addressing the boos with composure. "I've heard worse, and I'd probably be doing the same thing in this situation," he remarked post-game, signaling his understanding of the fans' high expectations.

With the Yankees set to face the Oakland Athletics on Monday, both the team and their supporters are hopeful that Judge will recalibrate and rediscover the form that has made him one of the most formidable hitters in baseball.

As the season progresses, the Yankees will rely heavily on their captain to turn around not just his own performance, but also to inspire a team-wide resurgence as they aim to climb back up the standings. For now, the spotlight remains on Aaron Judge, a player known not just for his immense talent but also for his resilience. How he navigates this slump could define the Yankees' season, and possibly, his career trajectory in the years to come.