Friday's MLB Top Bets: Spotlight on Freddy Peralta and Justin Verlander

Verlander returns, navigating early season form and expectations

by Zain ul Abedin
Friday's MLB Top Bets: Spotlight on Freddy Peralta and Justin Verlander
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There are 30 Major League Baseball teams playing on the field this Friday, which means it's a big chance for fans and bettors to have their part in the thriving player props market. It all starts with an early one when the Marlins face the Cubs at 2:20 p.m.

ET, setting the stage for an entire evening with games starting at 6:40 ET and later. Some of the best player prop bets include Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Freddy Peralta. He has been simply sensational early in the year and is in the running for the NL Cy Young.

Peralta has gotten at least 17 outs in every single one of his first three starts, which is impressive when considering the quality of the competition. Armed with an attention-grabbing 39.4% strikeout rate and few walks, he will now square off with the Cardinals, the worst offense in the league this season, so the bet on him to go over 16.5 outs could be pretty tempting.

Verlander's Strikeout Challenge

On the other hand, Astros ace Justin Verlander debuted in the season after a couple of rehab outings. Despite his experience, his recent strikeout rates suggest a cautious approach. With a below-average strikeout performance last season and facing a Nationals team that rarely strikes out, betting on him to fall short of 4.5 strikeouts seems wise, especially considering the potential limitation on his pitch count.

Another interesting bet lies with Jordan Montgomery of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who is projected to pitch around 85 pitches against the Giants. The Giants have shown resilience against left-handed pitching, which could challenge Montgomery, known for his modest strikeout rates.

Opting for under 3.5 strikeouts could be a strategic move for bettors. With the season in full swing, these games have implications beyond simple entertainment and have some real strategic betting attached to them. That piece of information is critical to allowing informed decisions, whether you are a veteran or a casual bettor. Look for these players heading to the mound in an action-packed day of baseball.