Astros Struggle, Bregman Cites Poor Execution as Team Hits AL West Bottom

Astros Seek Turnaround with New Lineup Strategy

by Nouman Rasool
Astros Struggle, Bregman Cites Poor Execution as Team Hits AL West Bottom
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The Houston Astros' season has gotten off to a rocky start, culminating in their current position at the bottom of the AL West with a concerning 6-14 record. This decline in performance was highlighted in their recent home series loss to the Atlanta Braves, underscoring ongoing challenges the team faces on the field.

Astros third baseman Alex Bregman recently spoke about the team's difficulties, emphasizing the importance of execution and preparation. "I think all that matters is execution on the field and preparation prior to the game and win it," Bregman stated in a recent interview.

His comments reflected a sense of urgency to address these shortcomings as the season progresses. "We have not executed well in all phases of the game. I think we have to execute better and play better as a team in all facets of the game," Bregman elaborated, indicating a comprehensive area of concern that spans the entire team's performance.

Astros Shuffle Batting Order

In an attempt to invigorate the lineup and spark some offense, Astros manager Joe Espada made a strategic adjustment by shuffling Bregman in the batting order. Bregman, usually a fixture in one spot, was moved to bat third, sandwiched between Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker.

"Just a different look, trying to sandwich Breggy in there between Yordan and Tucker," Espada explained. "We did it in the spring and it worked out well. And just trying to change things up a little bit and see if we can spark here." Despite these changes, Bregman has struggled to find his form this season, holding a batting average of just .250 and an OPS of .661, without a home run to his name thus far.

Over 64 plate appearances, he has managed only 16 hits and four RBIs, along with eight walks. This performance is a dip compared to his usual standards, signaling a potential concern if the trend continues. The Astros, despite holding one of the worst records in the majors, still have ample time to turn their season around.

The team's ability to rebound will hinge significantly on their core players, like Bregman, finding their rhythm and contributing consistently as expected. As the season unfolds, the Astros will need to dramatically improve their execution across all areas of the game to climb out of their current slump and contend in the highly competitive AL West.