Mookie Betts on Dominating Corbin: 'You Gotta Get to Him Early'

Dodgers' Mookie Betts showcases pivotal skill in latest win

by Nouman Rasool
Mookie Betts on Dominating Corbin: 'You Gotta Get to Him Early'
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Mookie Betts, the powerhouse outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, delivered a stellar performance against the Washington Nationals, going 5-for-5 to lead his team to a crucial victory. This performance was a significant rebound from the Dodgers' previous outing, marking a turning point as they strive to overcome their shaky start to the season.

Facing Nationals pitcher Patrick Corbin, Betts demonstrated his strategic approach at the plate. He capitalized on Corbin's mistakes, driving the ball with precision and power. "He just left some pitches out over the plate and I was able to put some good swings on it," Betts explained.

"He's a good pitcher, but it's tough. You gotta kinda get to him early and I was able to do just that." This victory has improved the Dodgers' season record to 12-8, pushing them slightly ahead of the San Diego Padres and into the top position in the NL West Division.

Despite the early struggles, the Dodgers are showing signs of the formidable team they are known to be, with Betts at the forefront of their offensive onslaught.

Betts' Base Running Brilliance

Betts also underscored the significance of aggressive and smart base running in their strategy.

In a particularly pivotal moment during the seventh inning, Betts scored from third base on a play that seemed nearly impossible, exemplifying the Dodgers' emphasis on this aspect of their game. "We just preach base running," Betts said.

"That’s not the first time we went over things like that. I do a really good job of preparing, and I was able to put it into action." The Dodgers are also buoyed by the promising debut of rookie Andy Pages, who has quickly found his footing with the team.

Betts praised Pages' confidence and comfort on the field, recognizing it as crucial for the team's success. "He’s really comfortable and confident, which is huge; it’s what we need. We got a really good team. We just got to continue to put it together," Betts remarked.

Currently, Betts boasts a batting average of .388 with an OPS of 1.190. He has hit six home runs, driven in 18 runs, and scored 22 times in just 80 plate appearances, also leading the Dodgers in home runs. His comprehensive skill set not only highlights his personal capabilities but also catalyzes the team’s overall performance, making every game a demonstration of his significant impact on the field.

As the season progresses, Betts' role will be crucial in maintaining the Dodgers' momentum. His combination of hitting prowess and strategic base running continues to set him apart as one of the premier players in Major League Baseball.

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