Phillies' Nick Castellanos Paints on Beach for Corona Ad

MLB stars promote the joys of baseball in ad.

by Nouman Rasool
Phillies' Nick Castellanos Paints on Beach for Corona Ad
© Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Philadelphia Phillies powerhouse Nick Castellanos and Corona, the celebrated Mexican beer brand, have teamed up again for a unique commercial that captures more than just sports. This time, they're spotlighting the serene scene of a beach, intertwining art and celebration in their latest La Vida Mas Fina campaign.

Comedian and writer Joel Martinez, better known as The Kid Mero, joins Castellanos in this beachside artistic endeavor. The commercial features the duo engaged in a lively discussion about the essence of art. Castellanos, while painting on the sandy shore, shares his philosophy, "It's that much fun.

You're creating when you're playing; I'm creating when I'm painting. But I think art goes beyond that. Honestly, I think that everybody alive is creating art daily." He adds, "Your family is art, right? The people around you, the relationships you have is an expression of your artistic way that you love." This reflective conversation underlines the campaign's core message—celebrating the art of living well, encapsulated in Corona's slogan, La Vida Mas Fina, which translates to 'the fine life.'

The setting itself, a beach where art and relaxation converge, perfectly embodies the campaign's theme.

Opening Day as Holiday

Moreover, as the MLB season approached its Opening Day on March 28, Castellanos, along with fellow MLB star Fernando Tatis Jr., participated in another Corona campaign urging baseball fans to consider the day as a holiday.

They emphasized the joys and social benefits of watching baseball. "Watching baseball makes people happy," Tatis remarked. "It helps with networking, and baseball makes everyone sound smart." In their witty exchange, Castellanos encouraged fans to notify their employers of their unavailability on Opening Day, promising, "Don’t worry, your employee will be back, but on Mar.

28, that's a baseball day." Corona seized this opportunity to engage fans further by offering a reward for tagging their bosses in the commercial's comments. The prizes included yearlong subscriptions, tickets to baseball games, or gift cards, adding a tangible incentive to the campaign.

Saul Trejo, Corona’s Director of Brand Marketing, summed up the initiative, "Opening Day deserves to be enjoyed in the finest way possible: with an ice-cold Corona in hand”. He added, “As the Official Cerveza of Major League Baseball, Corona is proud to champion the fans who never lose, and reward those who live in the moment to take the day off”.

This innovative approach not only highlights Corona’s commitment to enhancing the fan experience but also solidifies its position as a brand that celebrates life's finer moments, whether through art, sports, or simple daily pleasures.