J.D. Martinez's Mets Debut Postponed Due to Back Treatment

Mets Take Early Action on Martinez's Back Issue

by Nouman Rasool
J.D. Martinez's Mets Debut Postponed Due to Back Treatment
© Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In a move closely watched by fans and analysts alike, the New York Mets have announced a temporary delay in the debut of their recent All-Star acquisition, J.D. Martinez, due to lower back tightness. The 36-year-old slugger, who inked a $12 million one-year contract with the Mets on March 24, received medical treatment on Tuesday aimed at addressing this discomfort.

This treatment, a common procedure in professional sports for managing such ailments, has momentarily sidelined Martinez, stirring conversations about the team's lineup and strategies moving forward. Mets manager Carlos Mendoza shared insights into Martinez's condition, noting a similar scenario from last season when Martinez was with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"He's encountered this before," Mendoza explained, recalling how Martinez overcame a comparable challenge last April by undergoing the same treatment and returning to full form within a week. Mendoza expressed optimism, drawing parallels to the previous year's successful recovery, "He got a shot today...

He said, 'Last year I got a shot and I was perfectly fine for the rest of the season.' "

Martinez's Proactive Treatment

The decision to administer the treatment now, rather than waiting, was described by Mendoza as proactive, aiming to address the issue promptly to avoid any potential complications as the season progresses.

With Martinez's health a top priority, the Mets' management is adopting a cautious approach, planning to evaluate his recovery over the next few days before making further decisions on his integration into the team's active roster.

Martinez, renowned for his powerful batting, contributed significantly to the Dodgers last season, boasting a .271 batting average with 33 home runs and 103 RBIs. His anticipated role with the Mets as the primary designated hitter, and occasionally taking positions in the outfield, underscores his value to the team's offensive lineup.

Despite the setback, Martinez's brief stint in rehab games last weekend with Single-A St. Lucie, where he went 1-for-8, signals his eagerness to return to play. As the Mets and their supporters await further updates on Martinez's condition, the focus remains on ensuring his health and readiness for a season that promises much from the seasoned hitter.

The team's management, while cautious, remains hopeful that Martinez will soon be showcasing his renowned hitting prowess on the field, contributing to the Mets' pursuit of success in the upcoming season.