Ex-Yankee A-Rod Ranks MLB Parks, Dodgers Last

A-Rod Reveals Favorite MLB Parks, Surprises With Rankings

by Nouman Rasool
Ex-Yankee A-Rod Ranks MLB Parks, Dodgers Last
© Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In a remarkable disclosure, Alex Rodriguez, the celebrated former New York Yankees icon, ventured into ranking the major MLB ballparks, a task only someone of his extensive experience could undertake with credibility. With a storied 22-season career that saw him grace every significant ballpark in America, Rodriguez's rankings come with a weight of authenticity and firsthand insight.

Taking to Instagram this Tuesday, Rodriguez unveiled his list of the top five MLB ballparks, stirring up the conversation among baseball aficionados. Notably, his list places the Dodger Stadium, a beloved icon of the Los Angeles Dodgers, at an unexpected fifth position, sparking intrigue and perhaps dissent among the Dodgers' fervent fan base.

Dodger Stadium's Charm

Dodger Stadium makes it to my top five, primarily for the Dodger dog, its enthusiastic fans, and the overall magnificent ambiance," Rodriguez stated, acknowledging the stadium's unique allure despite its fifth-place ranking.

Chase Field, home to the Diamondbacks, clinched the fourth spot. Rodriguez praised the stadium's modernity and visibility for hitters, alongside the exceptional clubhouse cuisine, highlighting the stadium's blend of contemporary features with classic baseball charm.

Oracle Park, celebrated for its scenic vistas and Barry Bonds' legendary home runs, landed third on Rodriguez's list. "It's the perfect blend of atmosphere, history, and location, right on the water," Rodriguez remarked, lauding the stadium's unparalleled setting and vibrant atmosphere.

Fenway Park, the stronghold of the Yankees' archrivals, the Boston Red Sox, secured the second spot. Rodriguez's respect for Fenway's intimate yet fervent environment and knowledgeable fan base underscores the deep rivalry and mutual recognition between the two legendary teams.

Unsurprisingly, Rodriguez's number one pick is the Old Yankee Stadium, a symbol of the Yankees' rich history and success. "Nothing compares to the home field advantage and the legacy of the greats who've played here," Rodriguez reflected, paying homage to the stadium that has witnessed 26 World Championships.

This ranking not only offers a unique glimpse into Rodriguez's perspectives but also ignites discussions among baseball fans nationwide. As these iconic venues continue to host thrilling matches, their legacy and charm remain undisputed, seen through the eyes of one of baseball's most illustrious figures.