Astros Honor George Springer: A Legacy Revisited, But What's Next?

George Springer's transformative journey with the Astros highlighted

by Nouman Rasool
Astros Honor George Springer: A Legacy Revisited, But What's Next?
© Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In a week of big accomplishments for the Houston Astros, they set aside a poignant time to honor George Springer, who was the linchpin of their rise to baseball supremacy. It's a gesture against the backdrop of Minute Maid Park prior to their series against the Toronto Blue Jays an opportunity for a moment of reflection and celebration for a player whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the franchise.

In front of a raucous crowd of over 32,000 fans a throng that included family, friends, and long-time supporters Springer, who is now a talent beacon for the Blue Jays, would see his illustrious career come full circle as the Astros paid tribute to his decade of service in Major League Baseball.

Rolling on the video board was a tribute featuring Springer's top moments in an Astros uniform, looking back at his past glory but really capturing the deep impression he made in Houston. An overwhelmed Springer could not acknowledge the homage but give a salutary salute to the fans who made it vivid that indeed, there is a relationship known to exist between the player and the city.

Springer's Ascendant Era

The Astros picked Springer 11th overall in the 2011 MLB Draft, but it wasn't really until 2014 that his tenure with the club took off. His rookie season laid the foundation for what would become an era of great change for the Astros, with Springer's dynamite power at the plate becoming a cornerstone of the team's offensive strategy.

His key role helped propel the Astros into the limelight, next to contemporaries Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, and Alex Bregman, and from this, there resulted five playoff appearances and two World Series bids, one of which involved historic championship triumph.

Springer's postseason greatness went further to point out his legacy by having hit 19 homers in 63 games, which screamed clutch every time the stakes were at the highest. His post-2020 departure to Toronto on a fat contract was the bittersweet end of an era that left fans and the player alike lamenting what could have been had he stayed amidst subsequent Astros triumphs.

And as the Astros moved on, all the weeks of celebrating and reminiscing with poignant figures along the way only served as a push. As marked with individual brilliance and success, it formed the influence from him to the collective and continued with the resonance that it rings through in his enduring influence over the team and sport at large.