Can Luzardo Lead the Strikeout Charge in Today's MLB Bets?

MLB's Tuesday slate shines a spotlight on pitching prowess

by Nouman Rasool
Can Luzardo Lead the Strikeout Charge in Today's MLB Bets?
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In the latest MLB action, all eyes turn to the mound, breaking down the best strikeout prop bets on Tuesday and looking to rebound from a 1-2 record earlier this week. Three pitchers will be front and center against their respective match-ups, with varying prospects.

Jesus Luzardo paces our picks, with the Marlins taking on the Angels on the road at 6:40 p.m. ET. Luzardo was very good in his first start of the season, going only 5 innings but striking out 8 Pirates in the process, and he has another big opportunity to put another good start on the board here in game 2.

The Angels, off to a slow start, have hit just .195 as a team and hold the second-highest strikeout rate in the league at 30 percent a tendency ripe for Luzardo's prowess. Luzardo's chances to punch at least 6.5 strikeouts look pretty good, as his career strikeout rate stands at a whopping 42.3% against the current Angels roster.

Eflin's Challenging Match-up

Conversely, Zach Eflin of the Rays is slated to pitch against the Rangers at 6:50 p.m. ET. What is interesting about Eflin, he hasn't seen the Texas lineup: he's hitting .452 against him, with an astronomical 9.1 percent strikeout rate.

Well, excuse our expectations to be reasonably well-founded from the reigning World Series Champions' robust start. Ranking 3rd in OPS, 4th in runs per game, and 7th in strikeout rate for the Rangers. Finally, the Rockies send Kyle Freeland to the mound against the Cubs at 7:40 p.m.

ET. Freeland, whose career average is 6.7 strikeouts per nine innings, was down to 5.4 in 2023. His prospects against a Cubs lineup are not looking great, facing just the third-lowest strikeout rate in the league this season.

When you have the Cubs batting .352 and their K% at 6.5% against Freeland, it wouldn't correlate well if betting on him keeping his number under 3.5 strikes. This is in relation to his recent performances and wouldn't be a nice fit to the degree of difficulty in the match-up.

All the scenarios of the respective pitchers are reminders of the fine dance that pitcher effectiveness and batting-lineup strengths are, providing equally nuanced pictures for the fans and bettors alike as we get closer to the crucial MLB showdowns.