World Series Champ Jordan Montgomery Gets Two Long-Term Offers Amid Injury Crisis

Jim Bowden reveals buzz around Jordan Montgomery's free agency.

by Nouman Rasool
World Series Champ Jordan Montgomery Gets Two Long-Term Offers Amid Injury Crisis
© Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

As Major League Baseball's Opening Day looms just four days ahead, the free agency landscape is thinning, leaving few options for teams eager to finalize their rosters. Amidst this dwindling pool of talent, Jordan Montgomery remains a standout, yet unsigned, figure.

The entire offseason has seen Montgomery's name float in free agency, with the start of the season threatening to commence without his commitment to a team. Despite the ticking clock, recent developments have sparked a surge in interest for the pitcher.

Montgomery's Market Heats Up

Renowned sports journalist Jim Bowden recently shed light on Montgomery's situation via X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. He shared, "According to a source, Jordan Montgomery has received long-term contract offers from two teams, igniting a competitive market for him.

This comes as four playoff contenders—Arizona Diamondbacks, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, and Houston Astros—face the loss of significant starting pitchers to injuries. The Boston Red Sox and the Yankees, in particular, are still actively pursuing Montgomery to some extent." This new wave of interest in Montgomery isn't surprising, given the recent spate of injuries plaguing key starters across several teams.

The urgency of the situation is compounded by the imminent approach of Opening Day, making Montgomery's skill set even more valuable to teams scrambling to fill gaps in their pitching rosters. Bowden's report underscores a heightened market competitiveness for Montgomery, a player whose free agency status has lingered unexpectedly throughout the offseason.

With long-term deals on the table, it's increasingly likely that Montgomery will don a new uniform by the season's start. While the identities of the two offering teams remain undisclosed, the involvement of both the Red Sox and Yankees signals a keen interest in bolstering their pitching staff amidst current injuries.

Moreover, the broader context of recent pitcher signings—highlighted by Blake Snell and Michael Lorenzen finding teams—leaves Montgomery as a prime candidate for teams in dire need of starting pitchers. Given the circumstances, Montgomery represents a rare and valuable commodity in this year's market, potentially offering more than what teams might usually expect under similar constraints.

As the deadline for Opening Day contracts approaches, the industry awaits Montgomery's decision with bated breath. The unfolding scenario promises to be a pivotal moment not only for Montgomery but for the teams vying for his arm in their quest for championship contention.