Who Are the 2024 MLB Rising Stars? Discover Their Skills Before They Shine!

Discovering the Next Big Thing in Baseball Before the Crowd

by Nouman Rasool
Who Are the 2024 MLB Rising Stars? Discover Their Skills Before They Shine!
© David Berding

Few things are as rewarding as detecting an emergent ballplayer's latent ability before it surfaces definitively in the leader boards or becomes an MVP. Every season, it creates a crop of players on the verge. The year 2023 will certainly be etched in the annals of history for baseball lovers, especially after a ground-breaking season by the players such as Bobby Witt Jr.

for the Kansas City Royals, Yandy Diaz for the Tampa Bay Rays, and Adolis Garcia for the Texas Rangers, not to leave behind their old hats performing like Justin Steele for the Chicago Cubs, Pablo Lopez for the Minnesota Twins, and George Kirby for the Seattle Mariners.

Of these, some athletes appeared on the stage right in a flurry of expectation, while others came out of obscurity to claim the limelight. Now, with the beginning of yet another MLB season just peeking around the corner in 2024, it's high time to gaze up to possible breakouts - getting hipster respect in the sport is by standing up and making your pick before anyone in the room realizes just who in the world you might be talking about.

Emerging MLB Stars

For at least the purpose of this ranking, it should be no difference. This year, these are the hitters and pitchers that almost cracked our top 40 next possible breakout stars in Major League Baseball. The only analysis would be on the people who are really making it in the major league, leaving alone for the arrivals that are much anticipated: Jackson Holliday of Baltimore Orioles alongside the promising Japan player Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who is joining Shohei Ohtani with Los Angeles Dodgers.

Their breakouts can be different from each other and narrate various stories. Maybe they came in players chasing MVPs, or in the solidifcation of roles as role players for a perennially successful team. Perhaps it was these athletes that first defined themselves with the kind of electric, on-field dynamism that is becoming the norm on diamonds across the game.

They did it first, and now, three years on in the 2024 season, it's their turn to rebrand not just their careers but the game.