Will the Dodgers Seal the Willy Adames Deal by the Trade Deadline? Insider Buzz!

Exploring the Dodgers' latest infield arrangement and trade rumors

by Nouman Rasool
Will the Dodgers Seal the Willy Adames Deal by the Trade Deadline? Insider Buzz!
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An interesting development is that rumblings of the possibility of Willy Adames moving to Los Angeles Dodgers continue to simmer, with not much else beyond that his arrival could come to fruition later into the summer. "Willy Adames is expected to stay in Milwaukee for an extremely long time," was rather an articulate comment by Jon Morosi with MLB Network in a conversation with Doug McKain of DodgersNation.com.

Most notably over the winter, such changes included Mookie Betts' positioning as a second baseman and brought in the move that furthered the flexibility of Dodger moves but took him to the runner-up spot for National League MVP.

Dodgers' Strategic Shifts

In that light, the Dodgers had also already renounced the activation, by reinstalling Gavin Lux as their shortstop, a position he'd vacated for a year following knee surgery. Though he's expected to return, Lux's had an in-question return—a fact not highly hoped for and murmurs about the Dodgers perhaps seeking outside for alternatives that had begun in advance of Adames even making contact.

But for all that, the present setup has Betts back at shortstop and Lux moving to second base, a likely swap that wouldn't be rethought until next season. Well, all that could change with Milwaukee giving up on this year and deciding to build for the future after a few mishaps with bad luck: trading Corbin Burnes to Baltimore and having Brandon Woodruff with bad shoulder surgery, leaving the Brewers up their you-know-what in the keystone National League Central.

The Dodgers, on their part, appear to be exercising caution with respect to any potential trades involving Adames. As Morosi points out, that may also mean parting ways with some of the critical pitching staff from the Dodgers—then it seems the club is not amenable to that now.

"I’m sure they’re still open to conversation. I’m just not sure that we’re going to see it happen right now... I would say, check back with that conversation sometime in July," noted Morosi. Whatever it is, the new performances from Lux and Betts in their positions can alter the direction of the trade gossip, if at all.

After having done a good job on the field while swinging the bat, the trade talks may lose the steam that had been there around who was to move in place of Adames. The journalist J.P. Hoornstra wrote Inside the Dodgers and found the actual development that fans and analysts are currently watching, highlighting at what point of plan and strategy that MLB activity carries in its environment.

No Major League Baseball analyst this side of Planet Earth—the author of "The 50 Greatest Dodger Games of All Time," J.P. Hoornstra, is just that.