LSU's Kim Mulkey Ejected at Savannah Bananas Game

LSU's Mulkey stars in Savannah Bananas baseball skit.

by Nouman Rasool
LSU's Kim Mulkey Ejected at Savannah Bananas Game
© Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Over the weekend in Baton Rouge, Kim Mulkey, the esteemed head coach of the LSU Tigers women's basketball team, ventured beyond her usual courtside duties to participate in a light-hearted baseball event with the Savannah Bananas.

Known for her fiery coaching style and strategic prowess on the basketball court, Mulkey was invited to throw the ceremonial first pitch, an opportunity she embraced with enthusiasm amidst her preparations for a hopeful national championship run with her Tigers, who have clinched the No.

3 seed in the NCAA Tournament. The pitch, delivered with commendable form, was deemed a ball by the umpire, a call that did not sit well with the competitive spirit Mulkey is renowned for. True to her passionate and animated nature, especially evident in high-stakes basketball games, she protested the call.

The situation escalated humorously as she began to kick dirt towards the umpire and pointed emphatically to home plate, mimicking the disputes often seen on basketball courts but this time on a baseball field.

Mulkey's Theatrical Ejection

The umpire, playing along with the spirited exchange, signaled Mulkey's ejection from the game, eliciting cheers from the crowd, who were entertained by the unfolding spectacle.

The theatrical ejection took a playful turn when the umpire and Mulkey faced each other, leading to a moment where he raised her arm in victory, wrestling-match style, revealing the entire episode as a pre-planned skit characteristic of the Savannah Bananas' entertainment-focused games.

This amusing diversion comes at a pivotal time for Mulkey and her team, following a challenging defeat to the undefeated South Carolina Gamecocks in the SEC Tournament final. That game concluded with tensions running high, marked by a physical altercation that saw an LSU player's brother arrested for entering the court.

As the LSU Tigers gear up for their first-round match against the No. 14 seed Rice in Albany, New York, the memory of this lighthearted episode serves as a reminder of the importance of balance between competitive zeal and moments of levity.

With a potential rematch against No. 1 seed Iowa on the horizon, Mulkey's ability to harness both her competitive fire and her capacity for engaging in spirited fun will be crucial as the Tigers aim for triumph in the NCAA Tournament.