MLB's Best Dressed: Locker Room Votes Decipher League's Fashion-Forward Players

Exploring MLB's sartorial standouts off the pitcher's mound.

by Nouman Rasool
MLB's Best Dressed: Locker Room Votes Decipher League's Fashion-Forward Players
© Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

As Major League Baseball's Opening Day approaches, style becomes an integral part of the conversation, blending the worlds of sports and fashion in a unique showcase of personal expression. In a revealing survey conducted by, nearly 100 players across the league weighed in on who they consider the most fashion-forward among them.

The result is a compelling list of athletes who aren't just about home runs and strikeouts but also about making bold statements off the field.

Stroman's Fashion Empire

Landing the fifth spot is Marcus Stroman of the New York Yankees.

Known for his distinctive flair, Stroman isn't just a pitcher; he's a fashion entrepreneur. In 2015, he founded HDMH (Height Doesn't Measure Heart), a brand that reflects his unique perspective on style. His ventures didn't stop there; Stroman also launched SHUGO, a luxury brand known for its high-end baseball cleats and lifestyle sneakers, favored by fellow MLB players for its blend of athletic functionality and sleek design.

"Everyone's got their own style, but he's got it all," noted one National League player, highlighting Stroman's influence in the fashion game. Fourth on the list is Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres, affectionately dubbed "El Niño." Tatis is the epitome of style, known for his flashy jewelry and eye-catching sneakers.

His fashion sense was on full display in the pink suit he donned on the eve of the 2021 All-Star game, making a statement that reverberated beyond the diamond. Mookie Betts of the Los Angeles Dodgers captures the third spot with his ever-evolving fashion sense.

From going shirtless with a Fedora jacket for the 2019 All-Star game to embodying the ultimate summer vibe in 2022, Betts's red carpet looks are eagerly anticipated for their originality and boldness. Second place goes to Ronald Acuna Jr.

of the Atlanta Braves, whose style and swagger on and off the field have made him a fan favorite. His jersey soared to the second spot in 2023's Most Popular MLB Jersey rankings, a testament to his widespread appeal. "He just seems to have a lot of flair," said an American League outfielder, acknowledging Acuna's distinctive style.

Topping the list is Francisco Lindor of the New York Mets, distinguished not only by his on-field prowess but also by his impeccable sense of style. Known for his fashion-forward game-day wear and custom jewelry, Lindor's glove, designed by none other than the prestigious Italian fashion house Gucci, is a symbol of his status as MLB's style icon.

"Frankie's got some fits, man," remarked a National League outfielder, echoing the sentiment of many in the league who admire Lindor's ability to blend athleticism with fashion effortlessly. As these players demonstrate, style in baseball extends far beyond uniforms and batting gloves, embodying each player's personality and flair, and captivating fans well beyond the ballpark.