Are the Yankees and White Sox Gazing at Former Phillies Ace?

Pitching Market Buzz: Lorenzen Draws Major League Interest

by Nouman Rasool
Are the Yankees and White Sox Gazing at Former Phillies Ace?
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Soon, starting pitchers will be stingy in supply with the 2024 off-season on the horizon for Major League Baseball. An offense can never have enough big boppers out there, but a two-time Cy Young Award winner in his prime just entered the market and is about to win his second award.

Yet, it has remained a one-man show till the former Phillies' pitcher Michael Lorenzen caught major league tender eyes. He recorded an impressive 4.18 ERA last season, a no-hitter against the Washington Nationals in August, and a selection to the All-Star game, making him among the key men in the free agency market.

Lorenzen's Market Heats Up

Following on the heels of Snell and Jordan Montgomery, Lorenzen offers a nice alternative for organizations interested in some quality pitching that isn't going to cost them as much as it would to go out and get one of the top aces.

The report by the New York Post indicates that Lorenzen's skills have drawn interest from the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. That makes him an even stronger commodity in a pitcher market that has water fronted.

The fact is, absence will be looming the first couple of months for Gerrit Cole, and the rotation is probably in deep trouble without this addition. And that was only yesterday. The White Sox sent Dylan Cease to the Cubs, who are in dire need of Lorenzen.

Setting aside the state of their current rotation, the White Sox present a golden opportunity for Lorenzen to really sink his teeth into the starting gig in far less of a pressure cooker than New York's spotlight can quickly become.

And soon, Lorenzen will be able to see whether the patience was worth it, as he was rejecting offers in the $5-7 million range in the setting days of the free agency period. Rumors are beginning to go around that a one-year deal of maybe $10 million might be handed to him, since it would be fit that he tries to give his worth and what his value is as a starting pitcher.

This will be his opportunity to come out of the bullpen after converting to being a starter this season; he feels it was a change of the whole perspective on a lot of pitching variables. With the start of the season edging closer, the interest in signing Lorenzen will grow.

Any move he makes either to the Yankees or White Sox makes sure to give him a good chance of adding some glimmer to those rosters. "With the incredible performances he was able to put up with last season and with him ready for better performances this season, Lorenzen touches down at this exciting chapter for fans and analysts as the MLB unfolds in drama.

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