Alex Verdugo Honors Yankees Legends with Custom Air Jordan Cleats

Yankees' Newest Addition Celebrates Legends with Unique Footwear

by Nouman Rasool
Alex Verdugo Honors Yankees Legends with Custom Air Jordan Cleats
© Logan Riely/Getty Images

In a striking offseason move, the New York Yankees bolstered their roster by acquiring outfielder Alex Verdugo from their longtime rivals, the Boston Red Sox. Verdugo, whose trade to the Yankees initially left him seething, has since become a beloved figure among the Yankee faithful, thanks in part to his unique tradition of sporting custom-designed cleats.

A tradition that began during his tenure with the Los Angeles Dodgers and continued through his time with the Red Sox, Verdugo's penchant for personalized footwear has seamlessly transitioned to his new home in the Bronx.

Throughout the preseason, Verdugo has showcased an array of Air Jordan cleats, each more eye-catching than the last. Yet, it's his latest design that has truly captured the hearts of fans and teammates alike.

Verdugo's Tribute Cleats

The standout cleats in question are a pair of Air Jordan 1 Highs, dressed in the Yankees' iconic white and navy color scheme.

But the real draw is the tribute they pay to past Yankee legends, featuring the retired jersey numbers of some of the most revered players in the franchise's storied history. Notably, the cleats bear the numbers 42 (honored league-wide for Jackie Robinson and also for Mariano Rivera), 44 (Reggie Jackson), 46 (Andy Pettitte), 49 (Ron Guidry), and 51 (Bernie Williams), alongside the emblem of Yankee Stadium.

The craftsmanship behind these remarkable cleats comes courtesy of True Blue Customs, a venture by the talented Billy Hobbs. Verdugo's footwear not only honors the legacy of the Yankees' past but also signifies his respect and excitement for being part of its future.

Verdugo's journey from Boston to New York was initially fraught with emotion. Upon learning of his trade to the Yankees in early December, Verdugo expressed his frustration, feeling blindsided by the move to the team's fiercest competitor.

However, this sentiment was short-lived. The warm welcome extended by key Yankees figures, including Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gerrit Cole, and Anthony Rizzo, quickly transformed Verdugo's frustration into enthusiasm for his new chapter with the team.

Embracing the Yankees' culture, Verdugo also adhered to the team's longstanding facial hair policy, bidding farewell to his beard upon joining the club. As the 2024 season approaches, the Yankees and their fans have high hopes, looking to Verdugo to help lead the team to its first World Series title since 2009.

His integration into the team, marked by his unique blend of flair and tradition, underscores the Yankees' pursuit of excellence and unity in their quest for championship glory.