Swanson Jokes: Betts Destined for All-Star as Shortstop

Exploring MLB's elite: Swanson's take on Betts' new role.

by Nouman Rasool
Swanson Jokes: Betts Destined for All-Star as Shortstop
© Adam Hagy/Getty Images

In a candid revelation that has stirred up the baseball community, Chicago Cubs shortstop Dansby Swanson commented on Mookie Betts' recent shift to playing shortstop for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Swanson humorously suggested that Betts' exceptional performance might just earn him an All-Star nomination, potentially at Swanson's expense.

"Mookie's gonna take a fricken All-Star thing. Nobody vote for him this year, okay?" Swanson remarked, highlighting the friendly rivalry and immense respect between the two athletes. Having cemented his role as the Cubs' long-term shortstop with his signing last year, Swanson's admiration for Betts is evident.

Betts, traditionally known for his prowess in the outfield, has been showcasing his defensive skills at shortstop during spring training. His transition to this position has been seamless, impressing many, including his counterpart Swanson, who jests about the threat Betts poses to his All-Star status.

Swanson's Storied Career

Swanson, a key figure in baseball since his first-round draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2015 and subsequent trade to the Atlanta Braves, has a decorated career. His achievements include a World Series win in 2021 with the Braves, two All-Star appearances, and two Golden Glove awards in the last two seasons.

His comments on Betts reflect not only the competitive spirit of the game but also the high regard in which he holds his fellow players. Mookie Betts, returning to shortstop for the Dodgers, fills in for first-choice Gavin Lux.

Betts, primarily celebrated for his hitting, has been demonstrating his defensive versatility and skill, particularly noted in a game against the Texas Rangers. This move and performance have drawn attention not only from fans and analysts but also from peers like Swanson.

In addition to discussing Betts' new role, Swanson and Betts also touched upon Shohei Ohtani's remarkable move to the Dodgers on the "On Base with Mookie Betts" show. Both players expressed admiration for Ohtani's discipline and unmatched skill set, hinting at the uniqueness of his $700 million contract in MLB history.

Betts summed up his observations by emphasizing the importance of mastering the basics to achieve greatness, a principle evidently shared by both Betts and Ohtani. This narrative of camaraderie, respect, and competition among baseball's finest highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of the sport, showcasing the multifaceted talents and personalities that make Major League Baseball a continually captivating spectacle.