Yankees' Top 3 Free Agent Picks After Oswald Peraza's Shoulder Setback

Yankees Face Setback with Peraza's Unexpected Shoulder Injury.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Yankees' Top 3 Free Agent Picks After Oswald Peraza's Shoulder Setback
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The New York Yankees are grappling with a significant setback as Oswald Peraza, their promising utility infielder, faces a lengthy absence due to a shoulder injury. Last season, Peraza contended for the starting shortstop position but was edged out by Anthony Volpe.

This year, he was poised to secure a spot as a versatile backup on the MLB roster. However, this ambition has been halted by a shoulder ailment necessitating a hiatus from throwing for six to eight weeks. This timeline suggests it might be nearly three months before Peraza dons the Yankees' pinstripes again.

In response, the team is now compelled to consider the slim pickings among free agents to fill this sudden void. In the wake of Peraza's injury, the Yankees could consider several potential replacements to bolster their infield: Jean Segura, though past his prime, still brings a breadth of experience to the table, capable of covering second base, shortstop, and third base—the very positions Peraza occupied.

Segura's offensive output has declined, as indicated by his 52 OPS+ last season, which is significantly below the league average. While his defensive skills may not be exceptional, his versatility could make him a viable stopgap in Peraza's absence, especially given the limited options available.

Donovan Solano stands out as one of the most proficient hitters still available. With a 110 OPS+ last season, Solano represents a potential offensive upgrade over Peraza, who has a career 68 OPS+ mark with limited MLB experience.

Although Solano does not cover shortstop, his capability to play across multiple infield positions and his veteran presence could offer valuable support for the Yankees during Peraza's recovery. Adalberto Mondesi emerges as a compelling option for the Yankees, particularly for his speed—an attribute that aligns well with Peraza's qualities, albeit Mondesi offers an enhanced pace.

Primarily a shortstop, Mondesi's agility and youth make him an intriguing candidate for the Yankees, who have a history of revitalizing careers. His acquisition could inject dynamism and flexibility into the infield, offering a potential silver lining amid Peraza's unfortunate injury layoff.

As the Yankees navigate through this challenging period, exploring these free agent options could provide the necessary depth and versatility to their infield, ensuring the team remains competitive in Peraza's absence.