Who Made the Cut? Exploring the Cubs' Exciting Top-30 Prospects for 2024!

Chicago Cubs reveal their promising future with new talent

by Nouman Rasool
Who Made the Cut? Exploring the Cubs' Exciting Top-30 Prospects for 2024!
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On Wednesday, MLB Pipeline posted its always-anticipated Top 30 Cubs Prospects ahead of the 2024 preseason in a tab that embodies a farm system that hasn't felt this formidable since Peoria was at its peak in 2015—when Cubs prospects would be hailed as the best in baseball, a prelude to the Cubs using that system to break a 108-year World Series drought the next season.

For the official numbers, readers can always look up the MLB Pipeline to check the latest standings. It goes into detail on how much depth and talent is in the farm system of the Cubs. The list this year betrays heavy direction in the manner the Cubs are taking to develop talent in their farm system.

It contrasts with the mid-2010s, with the strength of the organization then best found in its position players, by having solid representation of a number that would be considered equal between position players and pitchers on the 2024 team.

Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline said of the group: "It's maybe not quite as star-studded certainly not on the high school front from a pure talent perspective, but it does match that draft in a lot of ways, and overall, to have that many impact college players and a couple of potential front line starters from the prep ranks, it's probably the best the system has been in years.

Top Prospects Unveiled

Leading the way is PCA, Horton, Caissie, Busch, Shaw, and Alcántara, spread in different rankings a good success in developing high-caliber talent. That really emphasizes the exceptional depth in this list by the time it gets into the second tier, packed by prospects like Triantos, Ballesteros, Wicks, Rojas, Brown, and Canario, showing the Cubs can grow a deep pipeline that equals the best ones around.

This year also brings one of the most notable new international free agent signings in this year's class with Fernando Cruz, who jumps all the way to 15 on the list prior to his first at-bat in the Dominican Summer League (DSL).

The high rank has everything to do with soaring expectations over his head, which are sizably congruent to the hype after previous IFA signings like Eloy Jimenez and Gleyber Torres. Nevertheless, the very whisper of such comparisons sets a high bar, and certainly expectations for Cruz and other prospects still signal a Cubs system that has its future on the uptick.

The list also reflects the Cubs' commitment to home-grown talent, with six of the top ten players signed and originally developed by the Cubs organization. It just shows good eyes at the scouting and development organizations; the fact is they can actually hold a competitive advantage through farming as well, not just through acquiring.

MLB Pipeline also ranked the best tool in the system for the Cubs in hitting, power, speed, strength, and defense. The company says that list starts with great defense in Pete Crow-Armstrong and goes to a big fastball from Luke Little, showcasing diverse talents that can help the organization.

As the Chicago Cubs continued to cultivate their farm system with the future always in focus, the latest release of a 2024 Top-30 Prospects list only further proves the lengths and depths this organization has in taking a balanced approach to the development of its players.

The Cubs could perhaps have an even more promising mix of position players and pitchers that could keep this army of elite teams that have been sponsored by such good staff for years now to great heights, which could mirror the very success that finally brought an end to the World Series.

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