Are the Yanks Set to Snag Snell? Latest Explosive Talks Unveiled!

Yankees and Snell: Contract Talks Hit Snag; Giants Hover as Contenders

by Nouman Rasool
Are the Yanks Set to Snag Snell? Latest Explosive Talks Unveiled!
© Denis Poroy

Attention is now tightening around left-handed hurler Blake Snell as negotiations with the New York Yankees navigate stormy waters amid the whirling vortex of a post-World Series MLB offseason. According to one of the latest reports from MLB, it is on standstill between two parties, with only minimal headway in sealing a deal.

The discussions between Snell and the Yankees "failed to make progress," according to MLB Network insider Jon Heyman. With respect to progress within the talks, that doesn't appear to be one of the moving parts, given that the sides are reportedly at an impasse regarding proposed contract parameters, with agent Scott Boras rumored to be attempting to procure a type of opt-out clause that he has done quite well with in recent seasons, most notably with the Cubs' Cody Bellinger.

However, the Yankees remain leery for luxury-tax reasons and Draft picks notwithstanding. Although not confident to agree despite earlier attempts for five and six years, then at least improve the AAV increase in his pay for approximately $28 million that the Yankees gave him, Snell is still uncertain about making a commitment.

There remains a difference in the assessment, leaving them stuck at that point.

Giants' 50-50 Chance

Whispers abound that the San Francisco Giants are in on the act as well. Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that it's a coin-flip-50-50-chance for the Giants to acquire the southpaw, but Snell truly represents a perfect fit based on the appeal of a front-line starter by a club looking to shore up an established rotation while being uncertain about its health.

As the calendar for Opening Day races on, time runs out on Snell and Boras reconciling their demands with market realities. It would sure get late enough that an eerie urgency would need to attach itself to close a deal without Snell suffering for it in preparing for the upcoming season.

With maneuvering and good possibilities further down the pike, this rotation is sure to come under extra scrutiny. Kept afloat at any level by ace Gerrit Cole, there remain plenty of uncertainties the kind that would certainly warrant fortifying their pitching corps with an acquisition of Snell's caliber. In the whirlwind of changes that epitomizes the MLB offseason, the fate of Blake Snell hasn't yet settled.

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