Glasnow Hails Starter Role for Dodgers in Seoul as 'Great Honor'

Dodgers' Glasnow set for pivotal start in Seoul Series.

by Nouman Rasool
Glasnow Hails Starter Role for Dodgers in Seoul as 'Great Honor'
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As the Los Angeles Dodgers gear up for the upcoming Seoul Series, all eyes are on Tyler Glasnow, the team's newly acquired star pitcher, whose anticipation to take the mound in Korea reflects his unwavering dedication and passion for the game.

Glasnow, previously the ace of his former squad, finds himself in a more illustrious rotation with the Dodgers, yet his position at the apex of this talented ensemble is undiminished. Slated to either lead as the ace or serve as the formidable number two starter, Glasnow is primed to showcase his prowess in the international spotlight.

Glasnow Embraces Seoul Challenge

Despite a challenging start to his Spring Training, where he surrendered one run across 1.2 innings, striking out a single batter amidst four hits, Glasnow remains optimistic about the season ahead.

His commitment to readiness, coupled with an eagerness for the unique opportunity to compete in Korea, underscores his professional ethos. "I’m not sure what the pitch count is or anything, but I’ll be ready for sure.

It’ll be just a cool experience to go pitch in Korea. … Just to be a one or two is a great honor, for sure," Glasnow stated, reflecting on his impending role in the Seoul Series. His Spring Training performance, though not stellar in execution, was a positive indicator of his health and the effectiveness of his pitches.

Glasnow's focus on refining his game early in the season is a testament to his resilience and dedication. "Not, I guess, the greatest in terms of execution. But in terms of health and the way the stuff was coming out, it was good.

Just worked on some stuff early and getting into the game. It was not the best result, but I’m happy with it,” he shared, highlighting his constructive outlook on preseason play. The Dodgers are scheduled to face the San Diego Padres in a three-game series in Seoul, marking an early start to MLB's regular season.

This international event will feature Glasnow in a prominent role, as early projections place him at the forefront of the rotation, followed by Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Bobby Miller, Walker Buehler, and James Paxton. With Buehler's health on the mend, the possibility of Clayton Kershaw rejoining the rotation adds depth and experience to an already formidable lineup.

Glasnow's transition to the Dodgers has been marked by a blend of anticipation and determination. As the team prepares for a global showcase in Seoul, his role as either the leading ace or a close second in the rotation is a testament to his skill, dedication, and the honor he perceives in representing Los Angeles on the international stage.