Scott Boras: Navigating Player Contracts Like An Airport Controller

MLB offseason sees unexpected stall in high-profile signings.

by Nouman Rasool
Scott Boras: Navigating Player Contracts Like An Airport Controller
© Mike Stobe/Getty Images

In a surprising turn of events this MLB offseason, Scott Boras, renowned for securing some of the most lucrative deals in baseball history, finds himself in a peculiar situation. Despite his reputation for representing top-tier talent, the majority of his premier clients remain unsigned as Spring Training games get underway.

Among the "Scott Boras Four," only Cody Bellinger has managed to secure a contract, recently signing a three-year, $80 million agreement with the Chicago Cubs after an extended negotiation period that lingered into Spring Training.

Boras Contracts Under Scrutiny

The market's hesitancy towards Boras' clients this year might be attributed to concerns over the long-term value of such significant contracts. Past deals negotiated by Boras, such as those for Anthony Rendon, Carlos Rodon, and Kris Bryant, have come under scrutiny for their performance relative to their high costs, casting a shadow over current negotiations.

Blake Snell, Matt Chapman, and Jordan Montgomery, all represented by Boras and highly regarded in their respective roles, find themselves in an unusual predicament with minimal interest from teams. This is particularly disconcerting for pitchers like Snell and Montgomery, who require a comprehensive Spring Training to integrate effectively with a new team in preparation for the season.

Boras likened his current challenge to that of an "airport controller trying to land these planes," reflecting the complexity and urgency of securing contracts for his clients. Chapman, celebrated for his defensive prowess, Montgomery, a World Series champion with a stellar playoff performance, and Snell, last year's Cy Young Award winner, all remain on the market, an unprecedented situation for Boras' clientele.

This shift in the market's approach to Boras' clients signals a potential change in how teams value long-term, high-stake contracts. As the MLB offseason continues, the industry watches closely to see how these negotiations will unfold, marking a potentially transformative period in the dynamics of player contracts and team investments.