Are the Cubs Eyeing a 4x Gold Glove Winner Amid Cody Bellinger Standoff?

Cubs' Strategic Moves Amid Offseason Contract Negotiations

by Nouman Rasool
Are the Cubs Eyeing a 4x Gold Glove Winner Amid Cody Bellinger Standoff?
© Michael Owens

From a season full of turbulence mediocrity to greatness before falling just short of the postseason the Chicago Cubs have left it to pursue redemption. They feel, here in the first week of December, like they're at a moment of truth in trying to work their way through what could be a winter of complications in free agency and roster improvements with the unmistakable taste of that disappointment still so fresh.

In that came outfielder Cody Bellinger was, last season, a central, impact presence in revitalizing the lineup. Bellinger has been at the center of so much tense negotiating since November with his impending free agency. The Cubs have some work to do between now and the beginning of next season, though.

Rumors are they are looking to bolster their roster, with a particular focus on the infield defense.

Infield Defense Reinforcement

The third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays, Matt Chapman, is that name that has been brought up and is a multiple-time Gold Glove winner.

Chapman provides a lot of value with his glove and offered good offensive play last season, making him an attractive proposition for the Cubs in their attempts to improve the roster. This recent Gold Glove only further highlights his excellence in the field and adds to the attraction of potentially acquiring him.

However, the chase for Chapman comes with its hurdles, key among them being that the negotiation will run parallel to that of Bellinger. The splendid campaign last term by the outfielder has shot the market value quite high, which is an extraordinary barrier for the Cubs as they tread through the labyrinth of contract discussions carefully.

But that fact is on the table, as the Cubs are still assessing amid the changing free-agent landscape. The opportunity to land Chapman's excellence in defense while keeping Bellinger's bat in the lineup is an intriguing one for a franchise ready to take a step closer toward moving out of a five-year funk and once again be great.

To be sure, the way these talks happen will go a long way in deciding what type of a season it shall be and more for the Cubs.