Who's on the Move? Top 5 MLB Stars Eyeing Trades This Spring!

Top 5 MLB Stars on the Move in Spring Training

by Nouman Rasool
Who's on the Move? Top 5 MLB Stars Eyeing Trades This Spring!
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Whispers and rumors surrounding the possibility of many of the biggest names finding themselves moving are really starting to reach a fever pitch with each passing day of spring training. The biggest group of gossip still surrounds the Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers.

In the White Sox, pitcher Dylan Cease could realistically be wearing a different jersey come the end of March, with speculation over what will become of his situation with the team. The pair from the Brewers, Adames and Williams, are also on the trading table, especially after the shock move of Corbin Burnes to the Orioles.

So, anticipation for a big spring training trade has grown, even though such moves have been rarer than a Myles Straw home run in recent years. Still, this year could be different. An executive, an ex-executive, a coach, a scout, and more all collaborated on one of the more interesting lists each season about who might be the biggest candidates to be dealt in a major spring trade.

That's 11 potential movers, more than the usual handful and the kind of market fluidity rarely seen.

Cease's Trade Buzz

Top on the list is Dylan Cease, with 14 votes indicating strong chances of a deal, though no one was offering a guess as to when.

An AL executive said that while a spring trade might be in the cards, the real action in a Cease deal might come closer to the July trade deadline, which is usually the case because sellers then will again be holding the leverage and pitching assets tend to command a premium.

With Burnes dealt with, next up would be Adames and Williams in the trading block. Next in the crosshairs of trade whispers would be Kenley Jansen and Shane Bieber, including the health of Jansen and the layers Bieber has built with his situation in Cleveland.

The trade market is still fluid on opening day, as teams map out the value and fit of their assets in a market ripe for surprise moves. Other names of interest include Emmanuel Clase, Jesús Luzardo, and Ha-Seong Kim, among the interesting possibilities in the continuing MLB trade winds.