Former Royals Slugger Eric Hosmer Retires After 13 Seasons, Moves to New Media Role

Eric Hosmer transitions from player to media entrepreneur.

by Nouman Rasool
Former Royals Slugger Eric Hosmer Retires After 13 Seasons, Moves to New Media Role
© Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Eric Hosmer, the former luminary of the Kansas City Royals, has decided to conclude his illustrious 13-year career in professional baseball. Known for his tenure as a formidable first baseman, Hosmer achieved notable accolades including an All-Star appearance, four Gold Glove awards, and a championship title.

His journey in Major League Baseball (MLB) came to an end with the Chicago Cubs, who released him early in the previous season. Despite the abrupt end to his playing days, Hosmer is transitioning smoothly into a new chapter, embracing the evolving media landscape.

Hosmer's Media Venture

In an era where athletes are increasingly venturing into media ventures, Hosmer is no exception. The rise of digital platforms, especially podcasts, has opened new avenues for sports personalities to engage with fans and share insights.

Following his retirement, Hosmer announced the launch of MoonBall Media, a creative venture that promises a mix of original content, including a podcast, social media engagement, and television programming. This initiative marks a significant pivot from his athletic career to a role that leverages his experiences and stories from within the sport.

MoonBall Media is a collaborative effort with Anthony Seratelli, a former minor league colleague of Hosmer's, highlighting their long-standing intention to partner post-retirement. Hosmer's vision for the podcast segment of MoonBall Media is particularly intriguing.

He aims to explore the intricacies of success by delving into the journeys of various individuals, reflecting on the processes that propelled them to greatness. This endeavor not only signifies Hosmer's transition into a media personality but also underscores his desire to contribute meaningfully to the sports community and beyond.

Hosmer's tenure in MLB, particularly his stints with big-market teams towards the latter part of his career, provides him with a unique perspective that he plans to bring to his media engagements. Having donned the jerseys of five different teams, including notable spells with the Boston Red Sox and San Diego Padres, Hosmer's diverse experiences across various baseball markets equip him with a wealth of stories and insights, setting the stage for engaging and insightful content in his post-playing career.

As Eric Hosmer embarks on this new journey in the media realm, his legacy as a player and his future contributions as a media personality will continue to resonate with baseball fans and audiences worldwide.