What Did 2023 Teach Texas Rangers Pitcher Owen White? Do Mistakes Get Hit?

Texas Rangers rookie reflects on MLB debut season challenges

by Nouman Rasool
What Did 2023 Teach Texas Rangers Pitcher Owen White? Do Mistakes Get Hit?
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In a candid reflection on his Major League debut season, Texas Rangers pitcher Owen White shared a succinct yet profound lesson: "Mistakes get hit." The young talent, speaking from the Rangers' spring training complex in Surprise, Ariz., delved into the highs and lows of his rookie year in the MLB.

Owen White's debut on June 13 against the Los Angeles Angels ended in a loss, as he allowed three runs on four hits in two innings. Despite displaying glimpses of his potential with two strikeouts, he surrendered a pivotal two-run home run to Hunter Renfroe, a moment that underscored the unforgiving nature of the sport.

A subsequent opportunity against the Houston Astros in July showcased White's resilience, albeit with mixed results. While he limited the Astros to just one hit in two innings, that lone hit proved costly, resulting in a Yainer Diaz home run.

Minor League Struggles

The challenges weren't limited to the MLB stage; Owen White faced struggles in the minor leagues throughout 2023. Despite an impressive 2022 campaign, his performance dipped, prompting a period of introspection and adjustment.

However, White remains optimistic about his prospects, citing his strong repertoire of pitches and a relentless work ethic. Despite setbacks, he continues to refine his mechanics and focus on the mental aspect of the game. During the offseason, Owen White sought inspiration and guidance from fellow pitcher Dane Dunning, the Rangers' Pitcher of the Year for 2023.

The camaraderie and competitive spirit shared between the two athletes fueled White's determination to elevate his game. As the Rangers prepare for the upcoming season, White remains open to any opportunity, whether it be solidifying a spot in the starting rotation or honing his skills in Triple-A.

With vacancies in the rotation due to the absence of key players, White is poised to seize the moment and make his mark on the diamond. In the ever-evolving journey of a professional athlete, Owen White's resilience and determination serve as a testament to his unwavering pursuit of excellence on the mound.

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