Angels Owner Arte Moreno Open to Selling Team for Right Price

Arte Moreno weighs potential sale amid Angels' triumph aspirations.

by Nouman Rasool
Angels Owner Arte Moreno Open to Selling Team for Right Price
© Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Under the stewardship of Arte Moreno, the Los Angeles Angels have grappled with the elusive goal of playoff contention, a feat unachieved since 2014. Amidst a backdrop of managerial challenges, the question of ownership has surged to the forefront, with Moreno's openness to selling the franchise becoming a topic of considerable speculation.

Angels Owner Considers Sale

In a candid revelation to the Southern California News Group, as articulated by Jeff Fletcher, Moreno expressed a steadfast commitment to the Angels, driven by a conviction in their potential for triumph.

"I am in it because I believe we can build a team to win," Moreno articulated, underscoring his affection for the team and casting doubts on the likelihood of a sale. Yet, he conceded to the pragmatic aspect of his persona, acknowledging the possibility of a sale should an irresistible offer emerge.

The conjectural 'right' price is speculated to be upwards of $2 billion, potentially veering into the $3 billion territory. The prospect of new ownership heralds a transformative phase for the Angels, potentially unlocking financial avenues for bolstering the roster with fresh talent.

The identity of the purchaser could significantly influence the franchise's trajectory, with a business entity likely to prioritize enhancements to the team's competitive edge. Despite the allure of substantial offers, Moreno's resolve remains unswayed, with proposals ranging between $2.4 billion and $3 billion failing to secure a deal, in stark contrast to the Baltimore Orioles' recent acquisition for $1.725 billion.

The off-season has been a period of reflection for the Angels, particularly in the wake of Shohei Ohtani's departure, with the team's efforts to rejuvenate its bullpen falling short of addressing the void left by Ohtani.

The Angels' fanbase, yearning for a revival, views a change in ownership as a beacon of hope. Despite Moreno's penchant for lucrative contracts, the imperative for nurturing homegrown talent remains unfulfilled. Looking ahead to the 2024 season, the Angels face a formidable challenge, with forecasts placing them behind the Rangers, Mariners, and Astros.

As the narrative unfolds, the Angels' journey under Moreno's aegis continues to captivate, encapsulating the perennial quest for glory in the unpredictable realm of Major League Baseball.