MLB Analyst: Arenado a Game Changer, Aims for Gold Glove Return

Eduardo Perez forecasts Arenado's resurgence amid high expectations.

by Nouman Rasool
MLB Analyst: Arenado a Game Changer, Aims for Gold Glove Return
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It is what makes Nolan Arenado such an asset in Major League Baseball—and reasons him among the game's best talents overall. His contributions on the field have been of a standard worthy of the league, augmented by a splendiferous offensive package that solidifies his place among the game's complete athletes.

Arenado's Redemption Season

MLB Network analyst Eduardo Perez is among those who have held high praises for the attributes of Arenado's game. Regardless of the change in public opinion, Perez is still very strong in his trust in Arenado's abilities and predicts an exceptional season for him.

"Nolan Arenado ranks third on my list of MLB third basemen, and deservedly so," Perez remarked. "He's a key player. I think he will get back to that top-level this season. Determination-wise, what he has shown in the workouts is really great.

He did not get the Gold Glove last year, but he looked at the stats and the metrics and he thought they're not acceptable. So he is determined to get that Gold Glove back." Only in the league, up until this past season, when he quite possibly found his replacement, Arenado has been one of the best ballplayers in terms of defense.

Ke'Bryan Hayes of the Pittsburgh Pirates was awarded the Gold Glove in 2023, the first time this has happened in over a decade when someone other than Arenado received the award. But this aside, Arenado still performed rather impressively.

He clearly indicates a very strong spirit to improve on his game and reclaim his top position. The completion with Hayes is stiff but if any player can be worth a Gold Glove just through sheer determination and commitment, then definitely it's Arenado.

His unique blend of talent and commitment to excellence sets him apart in the league. With the new season on the horizon, all attention will be keenly focused on Arenado to prove again that he is the best third baseman in Major League Baseball.

His ascendance represents, more than anything, what professional athleticism at its best looks like when propelled by a burning sense of greatness and the relentless pursuit of it.