Ranking Yankees' Best Players by Position for Opening Day

Yankees' Pitching Powerhouse: Cole's 2023 Cy Young Win.

by Nouman Rasool
Ranking Yankees' Best Players by Position for Opening Day
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Even if they had one of the worst payrolls in the whole Major League Baseball last season, the New York Yankees They showed themselves in a fight for the postseason, while at the same time being within reach of being able to post their first last-place finish in the division since 1990.

They have had some changes on their rosters though their main team have remained the same. With opening game scheduled against the Houston Astros on March 28, 2024, the count is on, with very little time in order to take a look at who features outstanding for all-time within the confines of the Yankees - those designated to fulfill the gap of each position.

Gerrit Cole's Pitching Dominance

Gerrit Cole leads the pitching rotation for the Yankees and is one of the best in the game across the league or the world. This remarkable season for Cole in 2023, where he led the league with a 2.63 ERA along with 33 starts and 209 innings pitched, was one of the driving forces in his winning the prestigious Cy Young Award after so many close calls in his career.

His dominance is anticipated to continue into 2024, setting a high bar for the team's pitching staff.
The linchpin in the upper echelon of the bullpen last season was Clay Holmes, and his great work gave the Yankees' pen a league-best ERA of 3.34.

This coming year in 2024, then, the position of the top relief pitcher becomes an even more vital ingredient if the team is going to reach that next level of success this coming year in 2024. Behind the plate, fans can expect Jose Trevino to take over the majority of the duties as a Yankees catcher.

After a career year in 2022 and his first Gold Glove campaign, the 30-year-old's injured-plagued 2023 season has many hoping he can again reach such high expectations. Rizzo's experience and accolades, including the 2016 World Series title, Silver Slugger, and four Gold Gloves at first base, underline him as crucial to the team's offense.

The 2023 season was tough, but his ability to bounce back will be helpful for the lineup of the Yankees. In the infield, Gleyber Torres settles for second base, with the 2019 breakout season doubters having further been silenced with his brand of power and consistency at the plate.

Meanwhile, fast-rising young talent Anthony Volpe shown as a shortstop, taking home a Gold Glove to show for his defensive exploits. His continued development could really place him among the best in the game. It moves D.J. LeMahieu, with batting titles in both leagues and four Gold Gloves, to third base.

It adds another veteran leader and steadiness to the infield. And then, in the outfield, it's the biggest power outfield in the league: Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, and Giancarlo Stanton. Judge, a player whose power is upheld by his towering stature and record-setting performances, continues to form a solid pillar of the Yankees' offense.

Soto, on his part, is a new inclusion to the team and much is expected from the player as an outstanding performer on the on-base scale and defense. Stanton of course, figures to be a huge contributor health willing, after managing more than 18 plate appearances in only one of the last six seasons, given he has