Did Willie Mays' Barnstorming Baseball Team Shake Up New Orleans in 1956?

Baseball icons make history with unforgettable barnstorming tour.

by Nouman Rasool
Did Willie Mays' Barnstorming Baseball Team Shake Up New Orleans in 1956?
© Curt Gunther/Keystone/Hulton Archive

In 1956, the baseball world was electrified as legendary player Willie Mays orchestrated a groundbreaking barnstorming tour, bringing top-tier talent to cities hungry for the sport's excitement. At just twenty-five years old, Mays, already a seasoned veteran with five major-league seasons under his belt, curated a star-studded team dubbed the Major League All-Stars.

With New Orleans as one of their prime destinations, Mays and his elite squad, which included luminaries like Frank Robinson and Hank Aaron, embarked on a journey that showcased their prowess far beyond the confines of traditional league play.

This historic event not only entertained fans but also provided a vital income stream for players during the offseason, a time when salaries were modest at best.

Stadium Packed, Legends Shine

The allure of seeing Mays and his cohorts in action drew crowds in droves, with over 5,000 spectators packing Pelican Stadium for the first game.

The Major League All-Stars didn't disappoint, delivering a thrilling performance that saw Hank Aaron's towering homerun secure a hard-fought victory. Unfortunately, Mother Nature intervened, dampening the spirits of eager fans as rain forced the cancellation of the second scheduled game.

While initial reports hinted at a rescheduling, the outcome of the follow-up matchup remains shrouded in mystery, leaving enthusiasts to wonder what might have been. Decades later, the echoes of Mays and Aaron's visit to the Big Easy reverberated through history.

Aaron, returning in 1974 with the Atlanta Braves, left an indelible mark with a mesmerizing home run display, setting the stage for his eventual ascent to the pantheon of baseball greats. Similarly, a reunion in 1984 between Mays, Aaron, and other luminaries further cemented their legacy in the annals of the sport.

As we reflect on this pivotal moment in baseball history, let us remember the trailblazing spirit of Willie Mays and the Major League All-Stars, whose daring barnstorming tour brought joy and inspiration to fans across the nation, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to captivate generations.