MLB Star Joey Votto's Ferrari SF90: Fusion of Style & Innovation

MLB star indulges in cutting-edge Ferrari technology.

by Nouman Rasool
MLB Star Joey Votto's Ferrari SF90: Fusion of Style & Innovation
© Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Joey Votto, an established name in Major League Baseball, has just moved into free agency after a great career of 17 years with Cincinnati Reds. As one of MLB's more fashion-oriented figures, both on the diamond and as concerns his personal life, Votto has earned attention for his tastes in luxury cars, none so much as his Ferrari SF90.

It's worth an impressive $516,295. The Ferrari SF90, here in the dullness of a grey paintjob, is but a fruit of Votto's love for cars of high performance. It is therefore powered by a sturdy V-8 engine, further complemented with three electric motors to fuse power and sustainability in general.

However, being a two-seater, storage facilities are not that generous, thus underlying the sports orientation of the car.

SF90: Tech Luxury

The inside of the SF90 is enriched with high-tech features. It has an LCD monitor, a six-speaker sound system, and also modern conveniences such as Bluetooth connectivity to phones and audio streaming.

It also provides real-time traffic updates, in addition to an integrated voice-activated navigation system, thus enhancing the driving experience of a luxury and utility vehicle. Professionally speaking, as of 2024, Votto enjoys a net worth of $110 million.

His stature as one guy in one of the richest athletes is, however, not just accrued from 17 seasons he played at first base of the Reds, but also from lucrative endorsement deals with behemoths such as Nike, Rawlings, and Kroger.

According to Spotrac, Votto's career earnings amount to an astounding $242,542,838. Career highlights for Votto are .294 batting average, 2,135 hits, 1,144 RBIs, 356 home runs. With the Reds, his time there is highlighted by six All-Star selections, won a Gold Glove in 2011, and an MVP in 2010.

Now, as the 2024 MLB season is getting closer, Votto will not yet have a team to play for. However, it does seem like there are just several franchises who are ever so close to get his signature. His free agency status would have him as one of the most, if not the most marketable and one of the biggest acquisitions in this offseason.

And so it is in that blend of brilliance on the field and flair off the field—encapsulated by that choice of the SF90—that Joey Votto remains an iconic figure in the world of baseball.