Astros' Josh Hader's Startling Pitching Revelation

San Diego's Hader sparks debate with candid pitching critique.

by Nouman Rasool
Astros' Josh Hader's Startling Pitching Revelation
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Josh Hader, renowned for his exceptional skills as a closer in Major League Baseball, recently made headlines with his free agency journey and subsequent signing with the Houston Astros. Last season, Hader's performance was outstanding, yet his stay in the free agent market was surprisingly lengthy.

It was rumored that his high salary demands, specifically $100 million over five years, led to a stalled deal with the New York Yankees. However, he ultimately secured a lucrative contract with the Astros, signing for $95 million over five years on January 22.

Hader's Pitching Revelation Sparks Debate

In the 2023 season with the San Diego Padres, Hader showcased remarkable form, achieving a career-low 1.28 ERA and pitching 56 innings, the second-highest in his career. Despite his success, Hader's recent comments on his approach to pitching have sparked discussions among fans and analysts.

Speaking on the Foul Territory baseball podcast, he openly critiqued his former team, the Milwaukee Brewers, for their handling of his role. Hader emphasized a shift in his focus to saves rather than multiple innings, a decision influenced by his perception of the team's investment in him.

Hader's journey to becoming a top closer evolved notably during the 2020 COVID-shortened season. Post his trade to the Padres in 2022, he continued to prioritize saves. His discontent with the Brewers was palpable, especially regarding the three consecutive arbitration contracts he signed with them.

His new deal with the Astros marks a significant increase in his earnings, reflecting his value as a player. Joining the Astros, a team known for its dominant bullpen, Hader is poised to focus more on the quality of his pitching rather than the quantity of innings.

The Astros' bullpen, featuring talents like Alex Pressly, Kendall Graveman, and Bryan Abreu, presents an environment where Hader can excel without the pressure of high inning counts. His move to the Astros is a significant step in his career, offering him the opportunity to refine his approach and continue his legacy as one of baseball's most effective closers.