Phil Niekro died at 81 years-old

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Phil Niekro died at 81 years-old

Phil Niekro, Atlanta former star who became famous for his knuckleball, died at 81 years-old. Niekro has lost his long battle with cancer. He died in his sleep at night, at his home in Flowery Branch. He had a great feeling with the fans, whom he considered all friends.

A statue of Niekro stands outside Truist Park, the stadium of the Braves. Niekro became a starter in 1967, three years after his arrival with a haul of 11-9 and a pgl average of 1.87 which led him to excel in the National League His younger brother, Joe, who died at 61 in 2006, won 221 games in 22 years as a knuckleball pitcher.

Baseball's two most successful pitching brothers, the Niekro, with 539 wins preceded Gaylord and Jim Perry. Niekro was a great player: 319 wins in 24 Major League seasons up to 1987. Five All-Star, won 20 times for 3 seasons with the Braves after arriving, but also pitched for the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Toronto Blue Jays at the end of their career.

They called him Knucksie and it really confused everyone: receivers included. Star of 23-13 when the Braves won their first League title in 1969, and reached 20 successes in '74 and '79. He retired with a balance sheet of 318-274 and an average life of 3.35.

In 1997 he entered the Hall of Fame.

Cleveland cancels Indians name after racism accusations!

Incredible but true what happened in Major League Baseball. Cleveland will no longer be Indians. Team abandons its historical name considered racist by Native Americans, to support the anti-racial battle that followed the Black Lives Matter.

The announcement should be made this week. Three other clubs still bear the name inspired by the natives: the Chicago Blackhawks of ice hockey who do not have a change between the plans also because the name is inspired by Black Hawk, leader of Illinois who inspired generations of natives, the Atlanta Braves baseball and the Kansas City Chiefs of football.

Cleveland baseball team is the last of the pro league teams after Washington in football, which canceled the Redskins name this year for the same reasons. Two years ago it removed the image of the smiling Indian chief from the logo, now as a form of respect and to break the pressure of anti-racial influence groups, the Major League franchise deletes the Wahoo chief's logo, a caricature considered stereotyped. At the same time a study was launched for the new name.