Is an NL West Team Eyeing Star Infielder Matt Chapman?

MLB Free Agency Heats Up with Chapman in Focus

by Nouman Rasool
Is an NL West Team Eyeing Star Infielder Matt Chapman?
© Bob Levey

In the bustling world of Major League Baseball's free agency, third baseman Matt Chapman emerges as a cool commodity, with numerous teams vying for his signature this offseason. Bob Nightengale of USA Today brings to light the San Francisco Giants' potential edge in the Chapman sweepstakes, particularly following their recent maneuver involving Ross Stripling.

The trade with the Oakland Athletics not only freed up a substantial $9.25 million in payroll for the Giants but also positioned them as a frontrunner for Chapman's services. The strategic financial play, which saw the Giants cover $3.25 million of Stripling's $12.5 million salary, hints at their ambitious plans to secure a marquee free agent.

With the savings, the Giants are reportedly setting their sights on Chapman, a player who could significantly bolster their lineup. Speculations from MLB Trade Rumors on X suggest Chapman could command a lucrative six-year, $150 million contract, although the evolving market dynamics as the offseason draws to a close will be crucial in determining the final terms.

Chapman's Stellar Record

Despite Nightengale categorizing Chapman as a player who might not ink a deal this week, the third baseman's credentials remain impressive. Known for his formidable power at the plate and exceptional defensive skills, Chapman's 2022 season saw him hit 17 home runs and notch 54 RBIs.

While these figures marked a dip from his usual output, Chapman's career averages — 29 home runs, 80 RBIs, 36 doubles, and a 5.8 WAR over 162 games — underscore his value. As the race heats up, the Chicago Cubs join the Giants in the list of viable destinations for Chapman, as highlighted by Mark Feinsand of

The Cubs, in particular, are in the market for a third baseman to fill the void left by Jeimer Candelario's departure, making Chapman an ideal target. As MLB's offseason reaches its climax, all eyes will be on where Chapman, one of the game's premier third basemen, will land.

With his proven track record and the strategic financial plays by interested teams, his eventual signing will undoubtedly send ripples through the league.