Leland Explores $105M Stadium Site for Minor League Baseball Team

Leland's ambitious sports project faces an unexpected turning point.

by Nouman Rasool
Leland Explores $105M Stadium Site for Minor League Baseball Team
© Chris Hondros/Getty Images

As the new Major League Baseball season swings into action, the town of Leland, North Carolina, faces a significant change in its sports landscape. Despite previous ambitions to establish a minor league baseball stadium, recent developments have shifted the town's focus.

In a bold move last year, Brunswick county leaders opted out of funding the project. This decision led to the Leland community commissioning a feasibility study, revealing a hefty $105 million price tag for the proposed stadium.

The study highlighted potential economic benefits, including the creation of thousands of jobs, igniting hopes for substantial economic growth in the area.

Stadium Dreams and Local Hopes

For over 18 months, the stadium proposal remained a topic among town leaders and residents, all eager to spur local development.

The prospect of introducing minor league baseball to Leland promised not only a sports attraction but a significant boost to the local economy through job creation and increased spending. However, the town's aspirations faced a setback with the latest reports indicating a pivot in plans.

Town leaders, acknowledging the financial challenges, have decided to shelve the stadium project for now. Barnes Sutton, Leland's Director of Economic and Community Development, commented, "I just don’t think it’s the right time," echoing the sentiment of practicality over passion.

David Hollis, Leland's Town Manager, officially announced the decision, confirming that the partnership with REV Entertainment for the stadium's development would not proceed. Despite the disappointment, Hollis remains optimistic about Leland's growth prospects.

He assured that while the ballpark project is on hold, the town will continue to explore other avenues for development. Leland's officials are now redirecting their focus towards stimulating growth through commercial and residential expansion.

The surrounding land presents numerous opportunities for development, promising a bright future for the town, even without the anticipated baseball stadium. This shift in strategy reflects Leland's adaptive approach to development, prioritizing feasible and sustainable growth in the face of changing economic landscapes.

The town's resilience and commitment to progress, despite setbacks, underscore its dedication to building a thriving community for its residents.