Cubs Fan Mocks Cardinals Icon Albert Pujols on 'Jeopardy!'

Baseball legend Pujols concludes storied career with a bang.

by Nouman Rasool
Cubs Fan Mocks Cardinals Icon Albert Pujols on 'Jeopardy!'
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"Albert Pujols, a St. Louis Cardinals icon and fourth on the all-time major league home run list, recently found himself at the center of a light-hearted jest on the game show 'Jeopardy!' This incident amusingly highlighted the longstanding rivalry between the Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs, two prominent teams in the NL Central division.

In a recent 'Jeopardy!' episode, under the 'Bald is Beautiful' category, a question featured an image of Albert Pujols. Contestant Lloyd Sy, a self-professed Cubs fan from Rockford, Illinois, humorously responded, “Who is the wretched Albert Pujols?” The show's host, Ken Jennings, acknowledged the correctness of the answer while playfully distancing himself from the adjective used.

Sy’s cheeky addition of "Go Cubs” after his response underlined the rivalry's intensity.

Pujols' Dramatic Cubs Finale

While Sy’s comment and subsequent win of $24,399 on the show garnered attention, it's Pujols' storied career, particularly his performances against the Cubs, that truly captivates baseball fans.

In his final season, Pujols, who signed a one-year deal to conclude his illustrious journey with the Cardinals, marked his farewell with a dramatic highlight against the Cubs. During a tense game at Busch Stadium, the 44-year-old Pujols, stepping up as a pinch hitter in the eighth inning with the score deadlocked at 0-0, faced Cubs reliever Brandon Hughes.

After fouling the first pitch, Pujols delivered a stunning 429-foot, two-run homer - a decisive moment in the Cardinals’ 2-0 victory. This home run, Pujols' 695th, served as an emphatic final statement in his storied rivalry with the Cubs.

Over his career, Pujols has been a formidable opponent for the Cubs. In 199 games against them, he boasts a .292 batting average, with 205 hits, 59 home runs, 149 RBIs, and 131 runs scored. Pujols concluded his 21-year career in the 2023 Wild Card game against the Philadelphia Phillies, leaving an indelible mark on baseball history.

With a career batting average of .296, along with 3,384 hits, 703 home runs, 2,218 RBIs, and 1,914 runs scored, Pujols' legacy is undisputed. His final at-bat against the Cubs encapsulates the fierce competition and mutual respect defining one of baseball's most storied rivalries."

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