MLB Pitcher Hyun Jin Ryu Set to Land $11.2M MLB Deal

MLB Stars Set for Significant Free Agency Moves.

by Nouman Rasool
MLB Pitcher Hyun Jin Ryu Set to Land $11.2M MLB Deal
© Cole Burston/Getty Images

In the dynamic world of Major League Baseball (MLB) free agency, pitcher Hyun Jin Ryu is on the verge of securing a lucrative deal. According to local media reports and the renowned sports news outlet, The Athletic, Ryu is anticipated to ink a contract estimated at around $11.2 million.

The Athletic, known for its in-depth sports analysis, recently shone a spotlight on the current free agent market, with a particular emphasis on the remaining players. In their coverage, Ryu was notably ranked 36th in this offseason's free agent standings.

The publication underscored the perennial strength of starting pitchers in the free agent market, noting that despite a dwindling supply, multiple teams continue to scout for talent.

Ryu's $11M Contract Predicted

Ryu, alongside Mike Clevinger and Michael Lorenzen, received praise for bringing stability to any starting lineup.

The Athletic predicted that Ryu, who has consistently demonstrated his prowess on the mound, is poised to sign a one-year contract worth $11 million. This forecast gains further credence in light of recent developments involving James Paxton, another prominent left-handed pitcher.

Paxton, at 35, just clinched a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, comprising an $11 million contract for a year, with the potential to earn up to $13 million, including bonuses. Despite undergoing Tommy John surgery in April 2021 and sitting out the 2022 season, Paxton returned in 2023 with a commendable performance, which now sets a benchmark for Ryu’s impending contract.

Teams like the Baltimore Orioles and the Dodgers are still strategizing to bolster their starting rotations, while others, including the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, and Boston Red Sox, have made significant acquisitions but remain open to further enhancements.

In the midst of these developments, Scott Boras, Ryu’s agent, has been making notable strides. Boras, known for his tenacious negotiation tactics, has already brokered impressive deals this season. His clients, including Joey Gallo with the Washington Nationals, Rhys Hoskins with the Milwaukee Brewers, and Matt Moore with the LA Angels, have all secured significant contracts.

With the 2024 spring training camp set to commence in mid-February, the baseball community is abuzz with anticipation over Ryu’s next move. Renowned for his skill and experience, Ryu’s decision will undoubtedly be a key highlight of this MLB offseason.