LSU Star Olivia Dunne Credits Support System for Balancing Fame and Studies

Olivia Dunne's Unique Balance of Fame and Academia Unveiled

by Nouman Rasool
LSU Star Olivia Dunne Credits Support System for Balancing Fame and Studies
© Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

LSU Tigers' gymnastics prodigy, Olivia Dunne, is not just making waves with her athletic prowess but also with her astute business acumen. A name synonymous with success in the NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) space, Dunne has amassed a staggering social media following, with over 5 million fans on Instagram alone.

Her brand value is further underscored by an impressive $3.3 million in NIL endorsements.

Family: Dunne's Success Pillar

In a recent candid conversation with On3, Dunne delved into how she adeptly juggles her bustling fame with academic commitments.

At the core of her success, she places her family, particularly her sister, who plays a pivotal role in her journey. "Having a robust support system is crucial," Dunne emphasized. She credits her family's unwavering support, with her mother's guidance and her sister's hands-on assistance in managing brand-related endeavors, especially while she's engaged in practice or competitions.

Dunne also highlights the integral role played by LSU College. The institution's specialized NIL department has been instrumental in guiding student-athletes like her through the complexities of NIL deals. "LSU has been a tremendous support in various ways," Dunne acknowledges, appreciating the college's efforts in helping her navigate this relatively new and uncharted territory.

As Dunne advances in her senior year at LSU, she remains focused on her gymnastics career while exploring more brand collaborations. However, her aspirations extend beyond just partnerships. Dunne envisions creating her own brand post-graduation.

"I'm excited about my final year at LSU, but I'm also looking forward to developing my own product line," she reveals, indicating her entrepreneurial ambitions. In addition to her individual pursuits, Dunne has initiated the Livvy Foundation, aimed at assisting her fellow female student-athletes in securing NIL deals.

On a personal note, Dunne's life is as flourishing as her professional endeavors. She's currently in a relationship with Paul Skenes, the first overall pick by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2023 MLB draft. Dunne's story is not just about athletic and academic balance; it's a testament to the power of support, ambition, and the ability to envision and work towards a future beyond the gymnastics mat.

Her journey is an inspiration to student-athletes everywhere, proving that with the right support and determination, the sky is the limit.