Fans Playfully Tease Ex-Giants Manager Kapler for TikTok Fitness Tips

Former Giants Manager Embarks on New Journey in Miami

by Nouman Rasool
Fans Playfully Tease Ex-Giants Manager Kapler for TikTok Fitness Tips
© Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

"Gabe Kapler, the former manager of the San Francisco Giants, recently stepped into the social media spotlight with his fitness tips on TikTok, sparking a wave of playful responses from his followers. In a video that has since gained viral status across various platforms, Kapler shared his take on choosing walking over driving for short distances.

He suggested that if Google Maps estimates a 15 to 17-minute walk, one could simply walk faster and reduce the time, instead of opting to drive. The video, shot while Kapler strolled down a street, showcased him potentially practicing what he preached.

The Internet, known for its candid feedback, did not hold back in the comment section. Fans on Instagram playfully teased Kapler, bringing a lighthearted spin to his fitness advice. The former Giants manager, who has not publicly responded to the attention, left many wondering if his tips were serious or said in jest.

Kapler's Miami Move

After his tenure with the Giants ended following the 2023 season, Kapler moved away from the dugout. He was succeeded by experienced coach Bob Melvin. Kapler then relocated to Miami, a move highlighted by the Miami Heat hat featured in his TikTok video.

In Miami, he has taken up the role of Assistant General Manager with the Miami Marlins. This transition from managing on the field to a strategic position in the front office marks a significant shift in his career. Kapler's journey in Major League Baseball (MLB) is well-recognized, with previous stints including managing the Philadelphia Phillies before joining the Giants in 2020.

His three-season run in the Bay Area concluded with his move to Miami, where he is now focused on aiding Peter Bendix in the Marlins' ongoing transformation into formidable contenders. While his current position veers from the dugout to the administrative side of baseball, Kapler's foray into social media, dispensing lifestyle and fitness tips, adds a new dimension to his public persona.

It illustrates how sports figures are increasingly engaging with fans in informal, yet impactful ways, blending professional insights with personal anecdotes."