Madison Bumgarner's Custom 2018 Ford Shelby GT350 Sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction

From MLB Star to Auto Trading Virtuoso, Bumgarner Shines

by Nouman Rasool
Madison Bumgarner's Custom 2018 Ford Shelby GT350 Sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction
© Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In the realm of Major League Baseball, Madison Bumgarner has carved out a legacy that's as formidable as his 6-foot-4 stature. Renowned for his pivotal role in leading the San Francisco Giants to three World Series titles, Bumgarner's prowess extends beyond the diamond.

As he navigates the world of auto trading, the retired pitcher showcases a flair for luxury on wheels, paralleling the finesse he exhibited on the mound.

Bumgarner's Career Apex

Bumgarner, a first-round draft pick for the Giants in 2007, made a seismic impact in his inaugural full season in 2010, coinciding with the Giants' World Series triumph.

His standout performance in Game 4 against the Texas Rangers, where he struck out six over eight innings, was a harbinger of the remarkable career that lay ahead. The North Carolina native's zenith arguably came in 2014, where he not only posted a stellar 2.98 ERA with 18 wins in the regular season but also clinched the World Series MVP, leading the Giants to their third championship in five years.

His journey took a new turn in late 2019 when he signed a lucrative four-year, $85 million contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks. This move, however, didn't just signify a change in teams. It also marked Bumgarner's foray into the elite world of auto trading, a passion that runs parallel to his baseball career.

The Barrett-Jackson auto auction witnessed Bumgarner's flair for luxury vehicles when he listed his prized 2018 Ford Shelby GT350. This custom coupe, an embodiment of sophistication and power with its 5.2-liter Voodoo Engine, was a testament to Bumgarner's taste for the finer things in life.

With less than 450 miles on the odometer, this car was not just a vehicle but a symbol of the pitcher's legacy, estimated at a value of around $61,635. Despite his later career shift to the Diamondbacks and a gradual decline in his on-field numbers, Bumgarner's impact on baseball remains indelible.

His journey with the Giants is etched in MLB history, marked by extraordinary achievements and unforgettable moments. And as he continues to make waves in the auto trading world, it's clear that Madison Bumgarner is a man of many talents, whose legacy extends far beyond the baseball field.