NFL Star Travis Kelce's MLB Potential Likened to Yankees MVP Aaron Judge

Exploring the Hidden Athletic Versatility of NFL's Travis Kelce

by Nouman Rasool
NFL Star Travis Kelce's MLB Potential Likened to Yankees MVP Aaron Judge
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Travis Kelce, the NFL icon known for his remarkable prowess on the football field, might have had an alternate destiny as a baseball phenomenon. This revelation has sparked intrigue in the sports world, highlighting the rare versatility of athletes who excel in multiple sports.

Kelce, who ultimately chose football, had the potential to shine in baseball, drawing comparisons to none other than New York Yankees' MVP, Aaron Judge.

Kelce's Baseball Potential

Michael Dillon, a seasoned baseball coach from Cleveland Heights, shared his insights with Daily Mail, saying, "He would have been an Aaron Judge-type player." This sentiment was echoed by Brian Cleary, a former baseball coach at the University of Cincinnati and current scout for the Washington Nationals.

Cleary reminisced about Kelce's exceptional skills on the baseball field, particularly his remarkable arm strength. "He was playing right's the best thrower of a baseball I've ever seen, to this day, in my life," Cleary stated.

The connection between Kelce and Judge isn't just hypothetical. The two sports stars recently united on the baseball diamond for a commercial, where Judge himself was notably impressed by Kelce's impressive swing. Kelce's multi-sport potential extends beyond mere speculation.

Reggie Sanders, a former Atlanta Braves scout, shared his insights about Kelce's athletic trajectory. Sanders recalled Kelce's consideration of a baseball career as a backup plan, doubting his future in football. "He looked like Josh Hamilton," Sanders noted, reflecting on Kelce's agility and speed on the baseball field.

Although Kelce's father may have dreamt of seeing him in a major league baseball uniform, the NFL superstar has instead forged a legendary career in football. As a two-time Super Bowl champion and record-holder, Kelce has solidified his status as one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history, potentially headed for a first-ballot Hall of Fame induction.

This story of what could have been showcases Travis Kelce's extraordinary athletic talent and the intriguing possibilities that lie in the paths not taken. His journey serves as a testament to the multifaceted skills of athletes and the challenging decisions they face in choosing their professional paths.

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