Braves Extend Alex Anthopoulos in Major Offseason Move

Baseball prodigy's journey to success in MLB operations.

by Nouman Rasool
Braves Extend Alex Anthopoulos in Major Offseason Move
© Adam Hagy/Getty Images

In a resounding testament to his exceptional leadership and remarkable track record, the Atlanta Braves have solidified their commitment to General Manager and President of Baseball Operations, Alex Anthopoulos. The organization announced today, January 12, that Anthopoulos will continue to steer the Braves' ship through the turbulent waters of professional baseball until the conclusion of the 2031 season.

Terry McGuirk, the Chairman and CEO of Braves Holdings LCC, expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing partnership, anticipating many more fruitful years ahead.

Anthopoulos' Toronto Triumphs

Alex Anthopoulos, a native of Montreal, Canada, whose journey in baseball operations commenced as an intern with the Montreal Expos in 2000, has carved a remarkable path in the sport.

In 2003, he was welcomed into the Toronto Blue Jays' scouting department, where he would eventually become a household name. Anthopoulos endeared himself to the Toronto faithful by orchestrating significant acquisitions that included the likes of Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, RA Dickey, Mike Napoli, and Josh Donaldson.

His tenure in Toronto from 2009 to 2015 featured a commendable 489–483 record. Following his tenure with the Blue Jays, Anthopoulos ventured to the Los Angeles Dodgers before finding a more permanent home as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Atlanta Braves in late 2017.

Under his stewardship, the Braves have been the beneficiaries of several high-impact acquisitions, with Matt Olson, Jorge Soler, Joc Pederson, and others gracing the team's roster. Nonetheless, Anthopoulos's tenure has not been without its challenges.

Following the Braves' triumphant 2021 World Series victory, Freddie Freeman, a former MVP and franchise icon, opted to sign a six-year, $162 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Freeman cited "differences" with Anthopoulos and his administration as a principal reason for his departure.

The 2023 Atlanta Braves etched their names into the annals of MLB history, tying the all-time franchise record for home runs and establishing a new record for single-season team slugging percentage. As the mastermind behind one of the most successful teams in modern history, it comes as no surprise that ownership is eager to retain the services of Alex Anthopoulos.

In extending this partnership through 2031, the Atlanta Braves have affirmed their commitment to excellence and their unwavering belief in the man at the helm, Alex Anthopoulos. The future holds great promise for both the team and its dedicated leader, as they continue their pursuit of baseball greatness.