Mets Trade Three-Time All-Star 1B Pete Alonso

New Season Brings Uncertainty for Mets' Star Player.

by Nouman Rasool
Mets Trade Three-Time All-Star 1B Pete Alonso
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In a significant development for the New York Mets, star first baseman Pete Alonso has successfully avoided arbitration for the upcoming season, as reported by Jeff Passan of ESPN. Under the terms of the agreement, Alonso, represented by the Boras Corporation, is set to earn a substantial $20.5 million in salary for the year.

The 29-year-old Alonso's performance at the plate continues to be nothing short of remarkable, with his 2023 season boasting 46 home runs—an improvement over the previous year's 40. Impressively consistent, Alonso has consistently delivered between 37 and 53 homers throughout his career.

His batting stats for the previous year, featuring a line of .217/.318/.504, translated to an outstanding wRC+ of 121, signifying that he was 21% above the league average in terms of offensive production. On the defensive side, reviews of his performance have been mixed over his career, but the 2023 season showcased more solid results.

Alonso even managed to add base-stealing to his repertoire, with four stolen bases during the year. With Alonso now boasting five years of major league service since his debut on the Opening Day roster in 2019, he entered arbitration eligibility in the 2022 season, signing a $7.4 million deal that year, followed by a $14.5 million contract in the subsequent season.

MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz had projected an increase to $22 million for Alonso, but a slightly lower figure has been settled upon.

Alonso's Contract Dilemma

As the 2024 season dawns, Alonso faces his last arbitration year, igniting debates over his Mets' future.

Trade talks and contract extensions are in the air, but decisions remain elusive. Mets' new baseball operations head, David Stearns, aims to retain Alonso, aware of the complexities tied to extensions near free agency. Alonso's fate hinges on the Mets' performance.

If they struggle and fall out of contention, trade rumors may swirl around him. Alternatively, if the Mets stay competitive, he could remain with the team and receive a qualifying offer. It's worth noting that a qualifying offer doesn't guarantee his departure, as the Mets have retained key players before. The Mets face pivotal decisions regarding Alonso's future, capturing the attention of baseball enthusiasts.