Touring the $1.5 Million Former Mansion of Baseball Legend Lou Gehrig in New Rochelle

Exploring a Legendary Baseball Icon's Cherished Former Residence

by Nouman Rasool
Touring the $1.5 Million Former Mansion of Baseball Legend Lou Gehrig in New Rochelle
© Adam Hunger/Getty Images

In the quaint town of New Rochelle, just a stone's throw away from the iconic Yankee Stadium, lies a piece of baseball history. The elegant four-bedroom house that once belonged to the legendary Lou Gehrig, one of baseball's greatest, has found new owners.

The residence, a gem in its own right, has changed hands several times since the days it was graced by Gehrig's presence. The house, which covers 3,154 square feet and sits on a quarter-acre of lush greenery, boasts a detached garage and a picturesque backyard, complete with a well-manicured lawn and a charming patio area.

It's not just the external beauty that captivates; the interior of the house is equally impressive. Hardwood floors lead the way to a massive, modern kitchen, decked out with stainless steel appliances and situated conveniently next to the dining area.

Gehrig's Historic Abode

One of the home's most enchanting features is the primary bedroom, which includes striking bay windows and a cozy fireplace. But what truly sets this home apart is its connection to the past - a unique historical element that harks back to Gehrig's days with the New York Yankees.

In the basement bathroom, a claw-foot tub, believed to be where Gehrig once washed his uniforms, stands as a testament to the home's rich history. This historical artifact was meticulously restored by the sellers, alongside other renovations, which significantly increased the property's value from its previous selling price of nearly $600,000.

Ali Credendino, the recent seller of the property, shared insights with Mansion Global on the restoration process. "We completely restored the home, especially the wood components," she said. The discovery and restoration of two sets of original pocket doors on the first floor and the cedar lap siding around the house were particularly noteworthy.

Credendino also mentioned that there are photos of Gehrig himself working on the siding, adding to the home's historic allure. This wasn't the Credendinos' first encounter with the property. They had shown interest back in 2016 but were outbid.

Not one to let opportunity slip twice, they seized it when the house returned to the market. "We started work literally the day we closed and continued consistently until the day before the open house," Credendino recounted.

The house was sold in 2019 and relisted in 2022, but in that interval, it underwent a complete renovation, elevating its value and charm. For baseball enthusiasts and history buffs alike, this house is more than just a residence; it's a portal to a bygone era, a tangible connection to one of the sport's greatest legends. As it embarks on a new chapter with its latest owners, the legacy of Lou Gehrig continues to resonate within its walls.