Olivia Dunne Hypes Fans with Exciting Photo, Prepping for LSU Tigers' 2024 Season

LSU Gymnastics Increases Safety Measures After Utah Incident

by Nouman Rasool
Olivia Dunne Hypes Fans with Exciting Photo, Prepping for LSU Tigers' 2024 Season
© Stew Milne/Getty Images

As the festive season wraps up and 2024 looms just around the corner, LSU's star gymnast Olivia Dunne is already setting her sights on the upcoming gymnastics season. Dunne, a familiar face in the gymnastics world, has been particularly active this December, garnering attention both for her athletic prowess and her personal life, notably her time spent in New York City with boyfriend Paul Skenes, the Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher.

LSU Gymnastics recently fueled anticipation for the new season by sharing a captivating picture of Dunne, captioned, "Sights set on January 5th." This post, which Dunne herself re-shared to her impressive Instagram following of 4.6 million, came with a playful note: "Be there ^ or be squared." This social media buzz has certainly amped up excitement for the LSU Tigers' 2024 season.

Enhanced Security for LSU

The heightened enthusiasm for the upcoming season also brings a renewed focus on safety. Following an unsettling incident in Utah last year, LSU's gymnastics team has ramped up its security measures.

In a November interview with People Magazine, Dunne remarked, "Actually, we've got it settled down a bit. We haven't competed since last season, so we'll see what this season holds. But after the incident in Utah that happened last year, we now have a security guard that travels with the LSU gymnastics team." Beyond the gym, Dunne's December was a whirlwind of holiday festivities and personal milestones.

She and Skenes, her beau, indulged in the festive spirit of New York, including a memorable helicopter ride to view the city's dazzling skyline. Their romance also took a digital turn, with Dunne introducing Skenes to her TikTok audience during their exploration of the city at street level.

Dunne's holiday spirit was further on display as she attended a New Jersey Devils game, where they triumphed over the Detroit Red Wings. Her humorous take on the experience, shared with her social media followers, read: "Just a girly trying to understand ? what the puck is going on." With January 5th marking the start of the LSU gymnastics season, Dunne is poised for what could be a defining year in her career.

This season is particularly significant as it's her senior year, and with Skenes anticipated to make his mark in the MLB with the Pirates, 2024 could indeed be a landmark year for the couple. As we step into the new year, all eyes will be on Dunne, both on and off the gymnastics floor.